This woman illustrates perfectly what it's like to live with curly hair

This woman illustrates perfectly what it's like to live with curly hair

Let's start by my prefacing that I've got dead straight hair. In my younger years, I tried mixing things up for special occasions by taking to my locks with a curling wand and once even a crimper (goodness knows why). I always wanted to have lovely, voluminous curls that bounced when walked. But, about an hour after stepping foot in the party venue, my hair had fallen limp again.

So I've got zero clues about what it's like to have curly hair. One woman who does, is 25-year-old Angela Mary Vaz. She's from Abu Dabi and lives in Bangalore, India, and she's got a head full of curly hair.

stray curlz angela mary vaz Credit: Facebook

Curls: confirmed. Angela is a freelance illustrator and comic artist who created a series of pictures demonstrating exactly what it's like to be blessed with curls. Her "Stray Curls" series is on Instagram, and she posts a new illustration every single day. They're both cute and humorous, and Angela says, "I love uploading funny comics and relatable illustrations because honestly, I love making people laugh."

She points out the reality of life with curly hair compared to how we see it on TV:

And re-imagines fairytale princesses with curls:

Shares the problems unique to different hair types:

The perils of "just getting a trim":

Product priorities:

How responsive curly hair is to the elements:

I had no idea this was a thing:

Or this:

I didn't realise just how different our hair types are:

Angela's comics depict just how it is to live with curly hair and wow, I had no idea. Who did I think I was, thinking I could just "get curls" by using a curling wand and some hairspray? Curly hair is hard work, and it looks like it has to be earned. "Don't get me wrong. I will choose my curls over straight hair any day," says Angela. "But let's face it: Curly hair is high maintenance." Certainly looks like it, based on those drawings.