Woman shares three side-by-side butt pics to show how Instagram can deceive us

Woman shares three side-by-side butt pics to show how Instagram can deceive us

There's definitely a lot of weight to the theory that social media apps such as Instagram are not good for our mental health. One scroll of your timeline on the picture sharing app and you are inundated with body goals, makeup goals, travel goals, couple goals and food goals. Basically, Instagram just serves to remind you of how rubbish your life is compared to others.

However, while it is easy to view the app in a negative light, it does serve some positive purposes. For many users, Instagram is a place of inspiration and aspiration. Yes, you may be envious of someone's body, but it'll make you work harder in the gym. Or, you may use those travel accounts to note down the places that you want to visit on your next expedition.

Whatever your opinion of Instagram, it's now the second most popular social media platform in the world while also being the most popular application to use for advertisers. Essentially, Instagram can have a huge influence on the way that we react and behave, so the messages that are being conveyed on there are massively significant.

With the rise of the app, body-positivity has also become a relatively new sensation. The movement, which preaches self-love and respect, has seen multiple plus-size and fitness bloggers achieve success through Instagram, and one of those people is Sophie Allen.

Allen is a 27-year-old personal trainer and uses her account to promote a message of self-love, while also dishing out a fair bit of #BodyGoals. However, while the influencer may have a body that the majority of people would kill for, she is careful to remind us that a lot of Instagram is for show and doesn't necessarily reflect real life.

In a post uploaded onto her account, Allen shared three 'booty pics' that were all taken at the same time but in different poses. Of course, the composition of her derriere completely changes depending on the pose and the personal trainer encourages people to realise that everything on Instagram is posed for a particular reason.

It’s so easy to get caught up scrolling through Instagram, comparing yourself and thinking you’ll never achieve your body composition goals ? comparison is the thief of joy, particularly when you might be comparing yourself to something that’s being enhanced by posing, angling and lighting. 

Here’s me, at the same time in the morning, standing 3 different ways ??‍♀️. You can see the first pic makes my booty look smaller, the middle just normal and the end a lot bigger ??? #goldilocks#onebootythreeway

I used to hate my bum & its size, and now I’ve embraced it & I actively work to grow it. I work with what I’ve got, I pose in ways that accentuate parts of my body I love, but I encourage you to understand that it isn’t like this from every angle, all the time ??? #keepingitreal

The post has been popular with her followers, with the images receiving over 5,000 likes. Fair play for Sophie for #Keepingitreal and reminding us that pretty much everything we see on Instagram is a lie.