This woman had six ribs removed to look like Wonder Woman

This woman had six ribs removed to look like Wonder Woman

Body dysmorphia is an extremely heavy topic. People with anorexia, bulimia and more torture themselves to achieve an impossible standard of beauty. Waists the size of wafers are the goal, and it's all too impossible - until someone actually goes through surgery to achieve it. But who could afford it? Who would want it, truly, to remove parts of their own skeleton just to look insanely thin?

Well, Pixee Fox has done just that. In an incredibly difficult to watch interview on This Morning, the 27-year-old woman claims she has spent 500,000 pounds on surgeries to remove SIX of her ribs, a procedure that is destined to hurt her long-term health and makes her look, indeed, like a cartoon character.

Fox explains: "I see myself as a science project. I am basically a pioneer in the beauty industry, I am pushing the beauty industry forward, I am the first person to remove six of my ribs."

She says that she wears a 16" corset, which keeps her waist at 16 inches. The world record for the thinnest waist is 15 inches, which she says she wants to achieve. So she wants to get even skinnier, even after taking six ribs out of her body. Wow.

She says that the corset is her 'external ribcage', an exoskeleton to protect her organs from damage without ribs to protect them. I feel squeamish just writing this. That sounds so insanely difficult. How could taking out six ribs not destroy your longterm health? I mean, SIX is a lot of them. I feel weak just thinking about losing literal bones.

And spending half a million pounds is insane too. She says she used to be an electrician, but how does she have the money for this?

"I've always been very artistic," she said. "To be honest I was against plastic surgery...for me it was never about I didn't like the way I look, it was this vision I had for myself inside my head...maybe the vision I have for myself in my head doesn't match the images."

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It just seems so, so extreme. Pixee Fox has become famous for it, so maybe she's pleased, but I know that surviving without ribs has to be damaging. I mean, what would the surgery be like? And living without that protection, just skin against your, how is this possible? I really don't understand. And she looked so great before the surgery as well. Why did she think she needs this??

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It's a medical miracle that this is possible, though Pixee Fox admitted that it was 'difficult' to find a doctor willing to pick up the knife for this next-level surgery. All I can say is that this is rough, and makes me question my own mortality. My sides feel weak, like I've been taking my ribs for granted. No matter what, I'll always be grateful to have all my I can thank Pixee Fox for that.

I didn't realize I was taking my skeleton for granted...