This woman's horrific waxing story is going viral

This woman's horrific waxing story is going viral

When you've got a hot date and just way too much hair in the wrong places, you've generally got three options: you can get at the overgrown area with a razor, lay down some hair removal cream or use wax to literally pull yourself to ultra-smooth skin.

However, razors don't always get as close as you need them to, leaving tiny cuts all over your skin, while the number of nightmare tales I've heard and read regarding hair removal cream means I'm staying well, well away.

In my opinion, waxing your body seems like the best option for hairless, silky smooth skin, but that doesn't mean that it's perfect. No, like the tragic tale of Hannah Scorer will tell you, waxing away your body hair is far from free from pain and peril.

Credit: Facebook

Hannah had scored (pun intended) herself a hot date, and in preparation for that, she decided she wanted to give herself a little grooming downstairs. She went to Boots, a pharmacy and drugstore in the UK, and picked herself up a pack of Smooth Care Wax Strips for about £4.89.

Paying such a sum for some wax strips, the last thing Hannah would have suspected was that their label was decidedly ironic. Posting on the Boots Facebook page for the United Kingdom, Hannah branded the wax strips the "worst in the world", before embarking on a grisly and epic tale describing just how bad these wax strips were.

First, Hannah goes through an extensive list of items that would be more effective at removing unwanted hair, including candle wax, as well as the 2005 epic movie starring Paris Hilton, House of Wax. Then, as we're wondering just how bad Hannah's plight could possibly be, she decides to tell the tale of her horrific experience.

Hannah says she followed the instructions to the letter, but that didn't stop things from going very, very wrong.

"So, as instructed on the back of the pack I warmed a strip, stuck it down, endured the brief but childbirth-level pain intensity of ripping it off, and looked down, ready to admire a peachy beach-ready inner thigh. Do you know what I saw instead, Boots? All the hair I'd just tried to take off not even slightly detached from its follicles.

"Except now, matted firmly into the hair was a thick layer of wax. Have you touched that wax when it becomes separated from its strip? It is so sticky it could have held together the original Sugababes line-up. My bikini line was like the dancefloor of a really questionable club at 3am."

The good news for Hannah in that situation was that each box comes with a set of wipes, designed to remove the residual wax left over after a hair removal session. The bad news? Unsurprisingly, they didn't work, tearing off in pieces and leaving Hannah "looking like something from the Blair Witch".

Credit: Facebook

Then Hannah hopped in the shower to wash off the gunk, and tried to resort to the razor. Tragically, the wax had set in, immediately blunting the razor, and leaving her in a bit of a plight. Finally, after using great deal of expensive oil and a replacement razor, she managed to complete the job, but at the cost of "half the products in [her] bathroom", and Hannah's downstairs area looking like "a bright pink newborn panda".

In a Facebook post that's been shared over 11,000 times, Hannah asked for Boots to remove the offending wax strips from their shelves, recommending they be repurposed as a cement replacement, anti-climb paint, or "anything that doesn't involve hair removal". It's fair to say that Hannah is definitely not a fan of these wax removal strips from Boots, and after her ordeal, who would be?