World's fattest boy who weighed in at 30 stone loses a huge amount of weight so he can play

World's fattest boy who weighed in at 30 stone loses a huge amount of weight so he can play

The rise in obesity, particularly in children, is a worrying trend across the world. As the years go by, people are getting fatter and fatter and despite the best attempts of those 'clean-eating' people on Instagram, the majority of us still prefer Dominos over dumbells. But while all cases of obesity aren't a good thing, some are much more severe than others.

Meet Arya Permana, who was officially the world's fattest boy when he was just 10-years-old. Arya Permana weighed a massive 30 stone at his heaviest and has now set off on a staggering weight loss journey which has seen him lose a stunning amount of weight in order for him to be able to play with his friends.

The boy has shed 12stone after he was left bed bound by his obesity and he is now able to play badminton after spending years not being able to walk, sit or play due to his size.

His ever-growing frame meant that he had no clothes that were big enough to fit him and he couldn't attend school due to not being able to walk there. These restrictions meant that Arya's life was confined to playing on a mobile phone or spending hours sitting inside of a tiny pool in order to cool himself down.

His parents were so concerned about the boy's weight that they put him on a strict diet as a last-ditch attempt to help him shed the massive amount of fat that he was carrying around with him. The plan seems to have worked, and after following the advice of a dietitian and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, Arya now weights 19 stone and can walk to school as well as being able to play sport and run for two kilometres a day.

The boy's parents, Rokayah and Ade Somantri, are delighted with their son's progress so far and are happy that he can now live a fairly normal life.

"We are very happy to see him leading a healthy life. He is very active and in good health.

"His sleep is sound and there is no more worry of respiratory problems. He can also walk and play without complaining of shortness of breath."

Arya had bariatric surgery last April and he managed to lose three stone in three weeks as a direct result. However, despite the progress that he has made, his parents believe that he may require further surgery if he doesn't continue to lose weight.

"He cannot eat a lot after the surgery. He can only eat four tablespoons of rice and drinks diet milk. If he eats extra, he throws up.

"He is not allowed to eat sugar and carbs. We are very happy that he is energetic and can play football and badminton. He walks and runs for two kilometres a day but he might require another round of surgery this year."

Arya is the second son of Rokayah and Ade and was born weighing 7lb. However, by the time he was two-years-old, Arya had bloated to an abnormal size for his age, leading to his parents taking him to a doctor who told them that there weren't any issues with their son.

Arya would eat five times a day and would guzzle enough food to feed two adults, with him regularly dining on rice, curry, fish, beef, vegetable soup and Tempeh - a traditional soy patty.

His parents say that soon after Arya's weight had hit the headlines, dietitians and doctors offered to help the family.

"He was perpetually hungry and had an enormous diet," said his mother, Rokayah;

"He was always tired and complains of shortness of breath. He only ate and slept. There is no other pain than seeing own child suffering.

"No mother wants to stop feeding her children but I had to as I was helpless. We had no money to see doctors and had exhausted all our savings in feeding him.

"I am really happy to see my son's health now. I cannot express in words how I happy I am. It feels wonderful to see him playing and going to school like normal.

He was a bright student and always topped until he had to quit school for not being able to walk. We are hoping that he will soon lose the remaining extra weight and live a healthy, normal life like our other kids."

While it would be cruel to lay all the blame at the feet of the parents here, surely if you see that your child is ballooning at an alarming rate, you put them on a diet before they hit 30 stone and are unable to walk? Good luck to Arya on his weight-loss journey. Hopefully, he can keep shedding those pounds.