Ibiza clubber drops $42,000 bottle of champagne in hilarious video

Ibiza clubber drops $42,000 bottle of champagne in hilarious video

You know that dreadful feeling when your phone slips from your hands and makes its way to the floor? And then, if it landed face-down, the anxiety over whether you've cracked your screen or not?

Going by the sheer amount of people out there with shattered phone screen, I'm betting we've all suffered this fear. That number only goes up when you consider all the times coffee cups have slipped off tables or house keys have fallen frighteningly close to sewer drains.

champagne Credit: Pexels

Yet however many times your earphones got caught on a door handle or your casserole spilled on the floor, you likely didn't feel nearly as bad as this guy did, after he dropped a ludicrously expensive bottle of champagne on the floor.

First posted by the Ibiza Club News Facebook page before gaining traction online, this video is both cringey and hilarious. Some onlookers caught the exact moment where this man dropped a bottle of champagne all over the floor. It would be bad enough on its own, but it turns out the bottle had set him back $42,440.

Since it was uploaded to YouTube it has amassed over 1.4 million views. No one is quite sure which club the video originates from, other than the fact that it was filmed in a nightclub in Ibiza. It's also unclear whether the man in question ordered it or was someone working at the club, as some have pointed out the earpiece he's wearing.

Regardless of who it was for, it just goes to show how ridiculous it is to spend that much on any one thing, let alone a bottle of alcohol.