9 Important sex tips for your first time with a woman

9 Important sex tips for your first time with a woman

If you're sick and tired of dating dudes or have just been curious lately about sleeping with another woman, then look no further. Women are sexy, sensitive and love being seduced – but you already know that because you are one. And while you might be real foxy in the bedroom with a man, doing it with another woman is something entirely different. So listen up.

Of course, you should be honest and say that it's your first time with a woman before you get too hot and heavy with her. It doesn't have to be awkward or embarrassing though, just tell her how much the idea turns you on and ask what it is that she likes to get things started.

Other than that, try these 9 tips to prepare yourself for your upcoming girl-on-girl rendezvous.

1. Play with yourself and take notes

Next time you're practising that kind of self-love, be aware of what feels good where and remember it for when it's your turn to make some moves on her.

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2. Be intuitive

Yes, you can read/watch/listen to exactly what to do, but sex will always just come down to what feels right and following your intuition.

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3. ... And also communicate

Following your gut and doing what you think would feel nice can help out, but ultimately we're all different people. Ask "How does that feel?" and encourage her to give you some kind of feedback while you're doing what you're doing and things can only get better from there.

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4. Cut your goddamn fingernails

Seriously, nothing kills the mood more than sharp talons catching on your most sensitive spots. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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5. Don't focus too much on the climax

As most women are well-aware of – sex isn't just about the orgasm. Don't stress if both of you don't get there, because really good foreplay can make it all worth it anyway, and that's what you should be focusing on.

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6. Hygiene 

Wash your hands beforehand and keep yourself clean down there too because A) no-one wants germs spreading and B) it's just much nicer to get intimate with someone's body when it smells fresh.

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7. Move those hips

It might seem odd to thrust when you're not necessarily, you know, penetrating. But don't think it won't get things heating up in there.

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8. Do what with my tongue?!

If you're giving oral, move down her body slowly and take your time to get there. You'll tease your partner and help her get really into it. Once you're there, go slow, think circles with your tongue, vary the pressure and listen to her reactions.

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9. Use your hands

Don't let your arms fall limp by your side – touch her! Use your hands and caress her boobs and butt, but don't underestimate how much stroking the back or squeezing the arms can really turn someone on.

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And above everything – be nice. Get into it, compliment her, tell her if something feels really good (you'll probably be getting some action in return), and remember that sex is an emotional thing, and that's fine. Good luck and go forth, girl.