The internet steps in to help man turned down from adopting cat because he's gay

The internet steps in to help man turned down from adopting cat because he's gay

Owning a cat is one of life's underrated pleasures.

While dogs are by far and away the most popular of four-legged companions, I think that having a cat is an entirely different experience. If you consider yourself pretty far from an outdoors-type person and just want a furry friend to hang out with on the sofa, I recommend picking up a cat at your local adoption shelter.

With over 3.4 million cats in need of a home in the United States alone, you shouldn't have too much trouble in locating a feline to feed and cuddle, and as long as you have a kind heart, you shouldn't be short of people willing to help you out in finding one. However, that isn't always the case.

Meet Alex Andreou. Born in Greece, he's a writer and actor that's worked for the Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company and the Guardian in the past.

At the moment, he's looking to welcome a little more love into his home by adopting a cat. Cat lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and I'm sure you'll agree that Alex would make for an excellent cat daddy both now and in the future. So it might come as a surprise that Alex is having a little trouble finding a furry friend to adopt.

Alex Andreou took to Twitter earlier this week to recount the story of a mission to adopt some cats that ultimately ended in failure. He travelled a long way to adopt cats that "desperately needed rehoming", but was turned down at the 11th hour. The reason? Alex Andreou is gay.

The would-be cat owner was informed of this in no uncertain terms by the religious lady who he travelled to meet, who even went as far as to ask if Alex was worried about "going to Hell" when he died. In an additional tweet, Alex described the devastation he felt after the incident, admitting "it hurts as much as when [he] was 8 years old".

It was an entirely unsavoury encounter, but luckily for Alex, common sense prevailed, and the internet stepped in to back Alex up. The RSPCA even joined the show of solidarity (complete with a wonderful animal pun), as Alex was reassured that the people willing to turn down perfectly good cat people for their sexuality were firmly in the minority.

In subsequent tweets, Alex paid tribute to the wonderful messages he received online and luckily, it looks as if this tragic tale might yet have a happy ending. Alex was able to recruit a friend to help him pick up the cats, and has already turned his focus to finding some Pride-themed cat gear to really stick it to the lady who'd turned him down just hours earlier.

It looks as if all's well that ends well, and soon, let's hope we'll get some lovely photos of Alex and his cats. If they're decked out in rainbow outfits, I think that's even better. I'm sure he's set for tons of fun with his new companions, and I think everyone's entitled to that, regardless of their sexuality.