Man shares opinion on drag queens being around children

Man shares opinion on drag queens being around children

In this age of "extreme" political correctness that we live in, it can sometimes feel as if we can't say anything right, according to the social justice warriors on the internet. And certainly, vilifying people for innocuous comments is not the way to go, as it has created a culture where people feel as if their language is being policed.

That is, until people make blatantly insensitive remarks about minority groups, or those who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual and transgender people. Whilst the focus should always be on re-educating those who hold such regressive and divisive beliefs, sometimes it can be incredibly satisfying to grill such individuals.

Though the matter at hand is an incredibly polemical issue that society should strive to address, sometimes it's nice to get a break from all of the drama that follows what people consider the "right" or "wrong" thing to say. And that's exactly what one man on Quora provided us world-weary liberals.

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A Quora user who goes by the name of William Salyers posted the most perfect response to a question which clearly was attempting to raise the blood pressure of LGBTQ activists. The question asked: "what is your opinion of drag queens around children?"

Salyers, who is listed as a former IT consultant, did not hold back any punches. In fact, he dished out all the humour he could muster. He wrote:

"I'm against drag queens being exposed to children. A lot could go wrong. Nails could be broken, wigs pulled off, someone could get knocked off her heels. Children are wild, irrational, and unpredictable, and their characters are still in the formative stages. Someone fabulous could get hurt."

If you had trouble holding back tears of laughter after reading that, welcome to my world. Salyers definitely has his priorities straight in life, and it's pretty evident that he's indulged in watching seasons one to nine of RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix. I mean, I haven't read anything funnier than "someone fabulous could get hurt" today, and I'm sure that you can't have either.

And of course, Quora users were totally able to emphasise with Salyers viewpoint. After all, we all know it takes a lot to look as fabulous as a drag queen. Make-up is only the half of it, there's also wigs, extensions, false eyelashes and a whole lot of glitter...

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One Quora user replied, "can you imagine putting all that work into how you look only to have some snotty child put gum in your hair?" Whilst another spoke from personal experience, saying: "I'm just starting out, and if a child put gum anywhere near my person after I spent over an hour on my face, there would be hell to pay."
As the user who goes by the name of Shyamster so eloquently surmises, "won't somebody please think of the drag queens?"
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