Mayor of Michigan town declares heterosexuality illegal

Mayor of Michigan town declares heterosexuality illegal

If you got elected as a mayor of a city or town, what would you do? As far as I can tell, being a mayor is sort of like being the president, except the smaller scale means your numerous screw-ups are less pronounced. Going by the world of fictional city politics, that's probably a good thing; from Mayor Quimby in the Simpsons to the Powerpuff Girls' Mayor of Townsville, it seems like you can get away with a lot of crazy stuff.

Judging by the steady leadership of Stubbs the cat, who was the mayor of Talkeetna in Alaska for 20 years until his tragic death earlier this year, it's also a lot easier to become a mayor than you might think. One YouTuber took advantage of that in a bizarre stint as mayor of a Michigan town.

Credit: Mark Thiessen

The past couple of years has seen American politics become distinctly polarised, with Donald Trump being inaugurated in January this year amidst a wave of dismay and controversy. That controversy has continued throughout his presidency so far, with many contentious statements and decisions plaguing his term so far, and YouTube comedian Elijah Daniel had had enough.

Daniel is 23 years old, and is perhaps best known for coming up with a gay-themed erotic novel about President Trump in the vein of 50 Shades of Grey that absolutely nobody asked for. Daniel is not a fan of Donald Trump, it's fair to say, and considering that Trump became president without any sort of political experience, Elijah Daniel started to wonder what politics had in store for him.

The YouTuber, who is gay, went from a simple musing about the viability of a political run to calling towns and asking to be their mayor. Eventually, he found a small town in Michigan by the name of Hell (honestly, it is called Hell), and before too long, he was being sworn in as their mayor after paying just $100.

From then on, Daniel tried to follow in the footsteps of the President, and make his mark on Hell by implementing a ban of his own; like Trump's blocked immigration ban for citizens of some Muslim-majority countries, Mayor Daniel wanted to exclude a group people from his town.

When he was young, Daniel was told that homosexuals would go to Hell, and now, "the heterosexuals are trying to take that from us too".

"My ban is a copy-and-paste of Trump’s Muslim ban, but with heterosexuals instead."

That isn't to say that heterosexuals weren't allowed at all in Hell, Michigan; local residents could stay where they were, provided they put down a deposit of $84,000 which they would get back once they'd completed a year of abstinence. As you might imagine, this did not go down well with the people of Hell.

In just three hours of being mayor of Hell, Daniel was impeached shortly after his controversial decree. The YouTuber intended the order to be a prank, but he lost his mayoral rights all the same. "That's not a problem," he said, adding that the town was a destination for many same-sex couples that wanted to get married in Hell. Elijah Daniel also had a message for President Trump.

Elijah Daniel's reign as Mayor of Hell didn't last very long, but I hope he learned a lot from his short term; primarily, not to try and ban groups of people from places. Who knows, maybe this will be the start of a presidential campaign?