Man eats soup straight from grocery store deli bar and the internet is disgusted

Man eats soup straight from grocery store deli bar and the internet is disgusted

Love them or hate them, salad bars are a staple of malls, delis, and restaurants. They have the advantage of allowing you to customize exactly what you want to eat - and there's no doubt that they were the precursor to the fast food revolution that is Subway, but unlike at Subway, there's no sandwich artist to select what you want or, more importantly, protect it...

Yes, we've all been there. We've spotted an olive or another item at the salad bar (or, in my case, candy bar) and had a cheeky taste test. I won't go as far as to describe it as robbery, but it is - in a way - and what makes it so icky is that the food we could be touching as we sneak a taste will be consumed by other people. That equates to a lot of germs and potentially a lot of sickness.

To discover how man took sneaking a taste test to a whole new level, check out the video below:

However, even among the most brazen robbers of salad bars, there is a line. Generally speaking, it's completely out of the question to eat from the ladle. After all, you know that's coming into direct contact with other people's food. But one man decided to throw this unspoken rule out of the window and ate soup directly from the ladle at a soup bar in Chigaco.

The shocking incident happened in full view of other customers at a branch of Mariano's and was recorded by another patron. Instead of stopping the man from eating the soup, they filmed him and posted the footage online where it quickly went viral, with many social media users remarking that it was a prime example of why no one should eat at a salad bar.

"Can this man be identified and publically noticed and barred from all restaurants?" remarked Twitter user @d_m_elms. "This needs to be immediate."

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Others, like @hghupuid wrote, that while this man's behavior was shocking, it was far from an isolated incident.

"I've seen this many times. Free samples."

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After uploading the footage, the person who recorded the incident added that they reported the man who ate the soup from the ladle to security, but it did little to dampen criticisms that they should have stepped in instead of videoing it.

"So you videoed it and didn't say anything? You suck," wrote @CDiddy6.

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"Why would you record that and not smack this fool back of his head [sic]," added @ernesto2590.

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"The salad/food bar is the nastiest place to get food," wrote @AliAhmed_24.

Putting the ladle soup incident to the side, there is evidence backing up @AliAhmed_24's claim. Many salad bars serve food at incorrect temperatures which makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. If you are only looking to eat salad, it should be cold and if you're selecting a hot item like soup, if there's no steam rising from it, steer clear for the sake of your health.

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"If anyone contracted food poisoning from that salad bar, blame the guy eating from it," remarked @SpeaksLioness. "This is why I rather eat at home."

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While most people were understandably outraged by the clip, some did see the funny side.

"This is still slaying me," wrote @VinceMancini. "I love that he's just standing there casually as if this is the most normal thing in the world."

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Others suggested that all was not as it seemed in the video and that the man filmed could have been differing from an illness like dementia, which, as we all know, can cause a person's understanding of themselves and their surroundings to lessen.

"It occurs to me y'all don't have much experience with folks suffering from dementia," wrote @BusterBushakus.

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However, while this is a possibility, we, like most people on social media, are in agreement that this man's actions are gross, to say the least, and hope that the security guard suitably reprimanded him for his actions.

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If it had been me, I'd have made him buy the whole bowl of soup. Eat from the ladle and you've technically bought it all!