McDonald's customer causes chaos after staff forget to give her extra ketchup

McDonald's customer causes chaos after staff forget to give her extra ketchup

It is no surprise that a company as big and as widespread as McDonald's is making headlines every single day. Since the very first McDonald's opened was back in 1940, the fast-food chain has gone on to become a global behemoth, and today, the "Golden Arches" can be found in 120 countries and territories around the world.

So, with over 36,000 restaurants, more than 1.9 million employees, and serving a whopping 68 million customers every single day, it's no surprise that disagreements occur within their chains.

And, thankfully, McDonald's restaurants have security cameras installed for the safety and protection of its customers and employees... and for the entertainment of us lot on the internet.

Now, police in Santa Ana, California are hunting for one unruly employee who attacked a manager in the back of one outlet over a row about ketchup. That's right, condiments are seemingly so important to this customer that she is willing to assault another person on behalf of some sauce.

Check out the outrageous footage below. You can clearly see neither woman is "lovin' it":

As you can see, the violent struggle took place near the drive-thru window inside the restaurant, and shows the dangerous diner throwing the female manager around by her neck, as a man - who does not appear to be an employee - attempts in to intervene and split the pair up.

Police say the customer became "combative" after she asked for ketchup in her drive-thru order, but never received any in her order. She then entered the restaurant through the employee-only backdoor, and after reaching the kitchen, she was told by the manager that she was not allowed to be in the building.

Credit: Sky News

That is when nuggets hit the fan and she became irrational.

Police are now on the hunt for the woman - believed to be aged between 20-25 - and would like anybody with any information to come forward.

This may seem humorous from the outside, especially given the context, but assault is very serious and should not be tolerated... even over tomato ketchup.

Credit: Sky News

But this certainly isn't the only McDonald's story about ketchup to hit the headlines recently. And if this woman freaked out over missing a few ketchup sachets, imagine how she'd react if she saw this...

The following video is GROSS, but this patron clearly thought it was something everybody had to see.

This disgusting incident took place in a McDonald's restaurant in Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The video was originally shared on Twitter by Bella Ritchie, who was understandably revolted by the discovery. So what did Bella find?

Live maggots filmed wriggling around a McDonald's ketchup dispenser: 

Actual. Live. Maggots. Talk about having a little extra protein with your meal.

After making the revolting discover, Bella reveals exactly how the staff at the restaurant dealt with the incident:

"I told one member of staff and she literally just ignored me and carried on serving customers. We had to literally stop someone from eating it because they didn't realize. It's so grim. Never going near the ketchup in McDonald's again."

We really don't blame you Bella.