Meet the real-life 40-year-old virgin

Meet the real-life 40-year-old virgin

The 40 Year Old Virgin is an enduring fan favourite. Steve Carell plays Andy Stitzer, an amicable big-box store worker who has never quite found the right opportunity to have sex. While Stitzer seems happy to carry on playing with his collection of video games and action figures, his work colleagues eventually discover his secret, and decide to help him lose his virginity - to varying levels of success. While Steve Carell's character wasn't modelled on Justin Disher, he is in fact the real-life 40-year-old virgin, and unlike his film counterpart, he has no desire to lose the big V anytime soon.

the 40-year-old virgin Credit: Universal Pictures

Despite not having engaged in everyone's favourite pastime, Justin Disher is just your average guy. Disher, who is from the Niagara region in Ontario, Canada, turned 41 last December and enjoys an active social life and a fulfilling career. He is a burgeoning amateur photographer, specialising in shooting local sports, and also manages two minor league hockey teams. Disher has, however, had problems with his vision for the last 15 years after having LASIK eye surgery, and he has been on disability ever since.

But perhaps the most unusual thing about Justin, and something that he is completely unashamed to admit, is his sex life. As he jokingly writes on his Twitter profile, "Being a 40-year-old virgin is basically my only accomplishment in life so far."

Yes, Justin is the real life 40-year-old virgin (well, give or take a year), and he's completely fine with it.

justin disher Credit: Justin Disher

"Initially, I made the decision on religious grounds to wait until marriage before having sex," he said. "While I still feel that is the right decision for me personally, I'm much less judgemental about those who choose differently now that I have gotten older."

While the majority of people would refrain from publicly declaring that they're a virgin at the age of 40, Justin has his reasons for being so open. "After many years of bullying in primary and secondary school, I learned to use humour as a weapon to diffuse difficult or uncomfortable situations," he explained. 

"Yes, sometimes my humour was taken the wrong way and it led to getting beat up even more, but often it would lighten the mood and the bullies would find someone else to pick on if I made them laugh. There is often an underlying truth being revealed, even when I am just trying to be funny and make people laugh. At the time of my post, I wanted to make people laugh - but at the same time let them know it's not always easy being single and [a] virgin."

justin disher Credit: Justin Disher

Though Justin doesn't want to be a virgin forever, he says that right now it's just not that big of a deal to him.. "It's been something I have been teased about often over the years by family and friends, but not really in a negative or mean-spirited way. I am so comfortable with my decision that I'm often the one initiating the teasing and I'm not afraid make fun of myself on social media - as you likely saw," he stated. 

In fact, he says that the only "pressure" he feels is "time". "I don't feel any external pressure from others. I wouldn't bring myself to have casual sex, so my only reason for having sex would be to raise a family. And if I want to raise a family, I'm not sure that I would want to wait much longer," he continued.

And as to what we're all wondering, the answer is no. Justin has somehow never watched The 40-year-old Virgin. But what's the point I guess, when you already know the plot?