Model takes on Victoria's Secret over beauty standards

Model takes on Victoria's Secret over beauty standards

Victoria's Secret came under fire a few years ago with a new campaign for a line of lingerie they called The Perfect Body. After they were accused of body-shaming – due to the fact that all the models lined up in the campaign's imagery were slim, tall and toned, and then dubbed "perfect"– the brand changed the slogan to read "A body for every body".

But still, people were not happy about the campaign, with women of all shapes and sizes feeling insulted and excluded by the images showing difficult-to-reach beauty standards.

Victoria's Secret is known for projecting a very narrow ideal of beauty standards, which can clearly be seen in their advertising as well as their annual fashion show.

This fashion show is an event highly anticipated for many people, who expect to see a high-energy show all thanks to a lineup of intimidatingly gorgeous women flaunting some very showy lingerie. The casting of models to parade the luxury lingerie down the runway is highly selective, with models often feeling a kind of honour to be chosen.

It's a dream for any model to become a Victoria's Secret model, but according to one model, it's just not possible for those who don't fit in to the rigid beauty standards. Tabria Majors is a Brooklyn-based model, known for her striking curves and her unfaltering confidence in showing them off.

She recently made a statement in just three Instagram photos, challenging Victoria's Secret and their failure to acknowledge that plus-sized models can wear their lingerie as well as anyone.

"Maybe I’ll be a Victoria’s Secret Angel this year for Halloween, since it ain’t happening in real life lol," she wrote in the caption of the post. "Just paying homage to a few of my favorite pics/outfits from VS here and showing that curvy girls can rock (and sell) lingerie just as well as straight size models."

Tabria Majors victoria secret model modelling beauty standards Credit: Instagram

Tabria Majors victoria secret model modelling beauty standards Credit: Instagram

The photos show side-by-side comparisons of Tabria wearing the same Victoria's Secret lingerie sets, only a few sizes up, posing in the same way as the models do in the promotional images. The results are stunning, and as one person pointed out on Facebook, it gives people with curves a better idea of how the lingerie would look on their body.

plus size model Tabria majors victoria's secret Credit: Facebook

Tabria's pictures challenge the lingerie empire and it's beauty standards, but also show people that their line of lingerie can actually fit curvier girls. This proves Tabria's point exactly – that plus-size models can "can rock (and sell) lingerie just as well as straight size models".

She's one of the more vocal people about standards in the modeling industry, pointing out that most brands appear be making an effort to be more diverse, but they're still clinging to their old ways of beauty standards: "sooooooooo many brands are jumping on the ''love your curves'' slogan but are still using size 6/8 models", she tweeted.

She's not the first plus-sized model who has slammed Victoria's Secret, after model Ashley Graham spoke out after being shunned by the brand several times and starting the #ImNoAngel hashtag. Tabria joins the frontline of models advocating for a more inclusive (and realistic) standard of beauty, and her powerful Instagram post shows exactly how beneficial it can be for brands to cast curvier models.