Mom reveals she's saving for her baby to have a nose job

Mom reveals she's saving for her baby to have a nose job

Usually when you hear that a parent is saving for their baby's future, it's good news. Putting some money aside for a child's college education or perhaps their first car seems like a good financial move, and I'm sure most kids would appreciate it when the time comes to making an investment.

But setting up a savings account for cosmetic surgery? Now that's a different story.

This week, one Mom took to the internet forum 'Mumsnet' in order to ask for advice on her decision to put some money aside for a nose job - not for herself, but for her daughter. In an attempt to justify her thoughts, she states that her husband "has a very large nose," and that she is "just concerned [her daughter] will be self conscious".

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The full post, which was submitted under AIBU (am I being unreasonable) reads as follows:

"DH [Darling Husband] has a very large nose. I like it and I think it makes him look handsome. He really doesn't like it. DD [Darling Daughter] looks like she is going to take after her father in the nose department. 
AIBU reasonable to put some money aside each week incase [sic] she wants a nose job when she is older? If her nose isn't like her dad's or it doesn't bother her she could use it for other things. 
Obviously she would still be gorgeous to me. I'm just concerned she will be self conscious as other people make remarks to DH and he had been teased about it in the past."

Unsurprisingly, the somewhat controversial post - which was written under the username 'DressedInBinBags' - attracted a lot of opinions.

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The first comment states - quite rightfully - that, "You can't possibly know what a baby's nose will look like when she's an adult!" The original poster had a response for that, however, arguing that this reason was precisely why she was putting money aside.

"I read on here earlier about someone whose child wanted help financing loose skin removal," wrote DressedInBigBags, "and thought I would hate it if I couldn't help DD if she was unhappy with her looks."

Other users took a more cynical angle, with one poster commenting, "Don't forget to start saving for implants for her 18th." It seems harsh, but is there any difference between a nose job and a breast augmentation, really? Both suggestions imply that the mother is judgmental of her daughter's appearance - despite her claims that the little girl "would still be gorgeous" regardless of whether she had the surgery or not.

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Personally, I'm siding with user 'ApuskiDoo' who said that:

"It's your job to make her feel beautiful and have a great sense of self worth regardless of her nose
Save for her to go to university or whatever she wants to do instead.
If she ever finds out you have a nose job fund that's her self esteem and your relationship destroyed."

I can understand why some people would be sympathetic to the post, especially those that had undergone cosmetic changes themselves. There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to alter your appearance, of course - it's wanting to change somebody else's that's the problem.