Mom's angry blog post goes viral after her son was rejected from 'princess for a day' experience

Mom's angry blog post goes viral after her son was rejected from 'princess for a day' experience

Traditional boundaries of gender are being methodically broken down in our modern society.

Archaic expectations of how girls and boys "should" behave, or conduct their lives, have been challenged and partially redressed, meaning that the pink-for-a-girl, blue-for-a-boy antiquity of yesteryear is swiftly becoming a quaint memory.

As ever with progress on a societal level, though, there will always be those who decry and move away from the comfortable confines of tradition, eschewing progress for the sake of what they deem "normal". Of course, if such voices are given too much credence, then necessary advancements would never be made, it takes a few brave souls to stand out from the crowd and point out that there is a better way of doing things.

And so it is with gender. Though the concept of gender is certainly becoming more fluid, on many an institutional level we still find that expected norms of men and women that date back to previous generations are still prevalent.

This was certainly the case for Hayley McLean Glass and her three-year-old son Noah, who, she says, is "about the biggest Elsa fan in the world". Unfortunately though, Noah was unable to take part in Disney's Princess for a Day program, after his mom received this rejection from Disneyland Paris.

Disney rejection email Credit: Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Unsurprisingly, mom Hayley was furious with the response from Disneyland Paris, and so took the organisation to task in an impassioned blog post, writing;

"I can't help but wonder if the same rule would apply should you introduce an activity at your parks that is only for boys....I say introduce because of course there isn't anything that is just for "Boys" as this would never be allowed.

"If a little girl wants to be a super hero, she can be. If she wants to be a Jedi, she can be. She can be whatever she wants...just like Walt Disney himself said, "If you can dream it you can do it!"...

"...Unless you're a little boy who wants a Princess experience at Disneyland apparently...that you CAN'T do!"

She continued by explaining why she had chosen to write the blog post on this particular subject;

"I'm aware that there are many people in the world with outdated opinions on subjects such as this who will no doubt say that I'm creating drama or that I need to just pipe down and accept the fact that he is a boy and therefore he shouldn't be allowed to wear a dress....well here's the thing, usually my anxiety means I shy away from writing blog posts on controversial topics because I don't feel that I can handle the backlash.

Disneyland Paris castle and fireworks Credit: Getty

"But in this situation? BRING IT ON! Because anybody who has an issue with this, is 100% WRONG and nothing will ever change my mind on that."

She then went on to question the organisation's reasoning in brilliantly withering style, writing;

"I'm really not sure what the reasoning is for your decision on this as you never explained it, you simply stated he wasn't allowed to book it because "He's a boy"....what are you afraid of? What exactly will happen if a boy wears a dress? Will he burst into flames? Will he grow up to be *Shock horror* GAY and I might sue you for it?

"Please do explain to me what terrible awful fate may befall him if you indulge him in his desire to have his hair done, put on an Elsa dress and wear a bit of blusher for a photo? Because frankly, I am baffled."

For their part, Disneyland Paris has since released a statement with regards to Hayley's blog post;

"We are taking this situation very seriously and sincerely apologise to Hayley and Noah for the distress caused.

"An isolated incident, the cast member’s response is not reflective of any policy or belief held here at Disneyland Paris. We are going to ensure this does not happen again.

"Diversity is near and dear to our hearts and we want to make sure that all our guests enjoy their experience at our resort.

"Of course, both boys and girls are welcome to enjoy The Princess For a Day experience in addition to all our other special activities."

The description on the Princess for a Day part of their website has also been altered. Credit to Hayley for challenging archaic gender expectations one blog post at a time.