People are revealing their oldest grudges on Twitter

People are revealing their oldest grudges on Twitter

Here's the thing: I can't recall what I had for breakfast this morning, but I can remember the exact moment that I was unfairly given a detention during a physics lesson eleven years ago - right down to the teacher's smirk and that stupid red tie he always wore. Yes, Mr. Barnet, I'm talking about you.

Like any self-respecting grudge-holder, then, I can empathise with people who still feel that slight twinge of anger when they are reminded of old injustices. And there's a lot of us, as Nicole Cliffe brought to light when she tweeted:

Over 8,000 people have left replies on the tweet so far, and there's some juicy grudges to be found amongst them.

1. Nothing will ever soothe this burn

2. This saltiness is 100% justified if you ask me

3. There's bad hair days, and then there's this

4. Barbie deserves vengeance 

5. The injustice is so strong I can nearly taste it

6. This just seems straight-up evil

7. Jeff Brown, consider yourself named and shamed

8. At least she didn't upstage you

9. This cat definitely knew what it was doing

10. We've all experienced this at some point

11. It's been over 30 years man, let it go

12. Sometimes the sweetness of victory erases all the bitterness of a grudge...

13. ... But sometimes you just need good, old-fashioned revenge

If this Twitter outpouring has taught us anything, it's that there are some wounds that time can't heal. What we can also learn, however, is that a 140-character rant might help towards closure - even if it's several decades later. So next time you're in need of some catharsis, go tell the internet about your ninth grade science teacher. It helps, trust me.