Professor goes crazy when nobody turns up to his online class

Professor goes crazy when nobody turns up to his online class

It was only in regretful hindsight that I realised my folly in not taking my education more seriously.

In fact, that is not entirely true, though if any young and impressionable people are reading I feel duty bound to urge you to be studious, conscientious and to treat your time at high school and college with the reverence they deserve.

I'm not sure about you, but when I think back to the unbearable tyrant I was during my younger school years, I feel a heavy pang of remorse for the poor teachers who were charged with attempting to give me an education, despite by best efforts to wilfully resist.

It is no secret that teachers need saint-like patience and boundless amounts of energy to deal with large classes that presumably contain both unruly miscreants, the quietly studious and every personality type in between.

By the time we get to college, though, most of us have grown up enough to respect our professors, and give them something of an easier ride. For one furious professor, however, it seemed to all intents and purposes that his first class of the year had gotten off on the worst possible note, after not one student showed up. In the aftermath of said Professor's outrage, college student Lauren received an angry email - presumably sent to the rest of the class also - with the subject line "disappointed".  The professor continued;

"Today was the first day of class and nobody showed up. If this is how you will all act the entire semester, feel free to drop my course."

Credit: Twitter/ LAURENCLAIREE6

The only problem with the professor's outrage, though, was that the class in question was intended to be undertaken online, a fact that prof seems to have realised not 15 minutes later, prompting a second email, with the subject line "I'm sorry";

"It has just come to my attention that this is an online course. No in person class time is required. I am very sorry for the rude email. I'm not a jerk, I promise. Please forgive me, class."

Credit: Twitter/ LAURENCLAIREE6

Lauren tweeted a side by side of both emails, captioning, "My professor for my online class was mad when nobody showed up for the first day, then realized it was an online class".

Twitter users felt bad for the professor, with one writing "He was probably so hurt when no one showed up", while another drew parallels to a doomed relationship, "Went from "Disappointed" to "Im Sorry" Pretty much how every relationship goes."

As any good teacher will tell you before an exam; read all the information extremely carefully before you start writing, otherwise you might come unstuck in embarrassing fashion. It's a lesson I highly doubt this professor will be forgetting anytime soon.

Frankly, the thought of the poor prof sat alone in a classroom somewhere wondering what on earth he had done wrong is almost too much to bear.