Real-life Barbie who thought her $60,000 transformation scared men off has now found love

Real-life Barbie who thought her $60,000 transformation scared men off has now found love

We live in a world where the vast majority of us have insecurities about our physical appearance. It's perfectly natural, and something most of us will simply try to come to terms with. But while most people will learn to accept - perhaps even embrace - their differences, others will have their hearts set on dramatically changing everything about their appearance.

We have heard plenty about so-called plastic surgery fanatics who spend an eye-watering sum of cash on various cosmetic procedures, but we don't hear so much about their love life. Because as we all know, it's difficult for people who venture far outside what many would consider acceptable norms and standards to find common ground with people.

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Indeed, unconventional people tend to be fairly reclusive, as society is more likely to shun those who are different. But just because their lifestyle is different from that of your average Joe, it doesn't mean that they don't crave things that ordinary people crave. Love, for instance.

I mean, who doesn't want to love or be loved? Well, one "real-life Barbie" who spent nearly $64,000 transforming her body through cosmetic procedures was convinced her extreme look was scaring all her potential suitors away. But eventually, she did manage to find love with a musician and they are very happy together.

Thirty-year-old Ophelia Vanity didn't always aspire for the Barbie doll look she has cultivated for herself. In fact, a self-confessed former goth, she used to favor wearing all black and heavy eyeliner.

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She made a dramatic shift for the doll-like appearance back in 2009, splashing her cash on procedures such as Botox, lip fillers, a nose job, and surgery to make her eyes rounder.

But it wasn't until the model and personal assistant from Los Angeles, California, started seeing her 43-year-old boyfriend Justin Sterling that she put to bed the idea that looking like Barbie was a turn off for men.

Ophelia is often keen to showcase the results of her many procedures:

She said: “He doesn’t think I need all my surgeries but is still supportive and helps me while I heal after procedures.”

Before getting with Justin, Ophelia steered clear of dating apps, deeming the men using them too judgemental.

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Then she reunited with Justin, who she had already met eight years ago through an ex-boyfriend. He had previously shown no interest in her, and then one night, they just clicked.

“When we first met, Justin barely spoke 10 words to me, so I didn’t think he liked me,” laughed Ophelia.

She continued: “But one night we ended up speaking for hours and kept in touch from then onwards, hanging out and playing music.

“We only got together around six months ago, but I’ve been with him virtually ever since.”

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Despite having been a goth for a while, she was a huge fan of Barbie and had been since childhood, receiving dolls for Christmas and birthdays.

In 2009, Ophelia decided to ditch her goth-like appearance and started having Botox to make her face expressionless in a bid to emulate her idol. Pleased with the results, she started having regular injections, then introduced lip fillers into her beauty regime.

“I also bleached my hair blonde, which I continue to do every couple of months,” she added.

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She funds her procedures through a series of odd jobs and can even spend up to three hours a day applying makeup, using clever tricks to change the shape of her face.

Explaining her Barbie-like wardrobe, she continued: “When I’m fully dressed up, I get stopped and recognised on the streets of Hollywood.

Take a look at one of one her Insta videos in which she sends a special message to her fans:

“People are usually really positive and want to talk to me, or take pictures. My whole wardrobe is basically pink dresses and heels.”

When she first began her transformation into Barbie, Ophelia had non-surgical rhinoplasty which changed the shape of her nose using filler injections. But soon enough, she wanted a more permanent change and so had a surgical nose job in the fall of 2017, admitting she is unhappy with the results.

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“I was always really conscious of how tiny the bridge of my nose was. It made me shy when talking to people face on, or taking selfies,” she said.

She added: “Thankfully, the surgery has fixed that, but I’m not happy with what it’s done to the shape of my nostrils. I wanted them tiny and doll-like, but that hasn’t happened.

“I guess that’s the risk you take with cosmetic surgery, though, and I can’t afford to have it fixed right now.”

Then the day after Christmas, Ophelia had two major eye operations, costing $24,000.

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While the first was for cosmetic purposes, the second was to help lessen the symptoms of Graves disease. She was diagnosed with the condition, which is caused by an overactive thyroid, at the age of 23. The illness means that, despite eating large portions, she struggles to gain weight.

She continued: “I see other real-life Barbies go on diets, to emulate her figure, but I don’t need to do that. If anything, I wish I could put on more weight. At my lowest weight, I was just 5st 4lb (74 lbs), having been a healthy 9st (126 lbs) just six months earlier. I average around 7st 5lb (103 lbs).”

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“Doctors are monitoring me closely and hoping to stabilize my weight, in case it affects my heart.

“There is still a long list of surgeries I’d like – breast implants and a Brazilian bum lift are the ones I want most. But, right now, I don’t have enough fatty tissue for my body to support them, so it just isn’t possible.”

To date, Ophelia’s look (including everything from her clothes, makeup and hair treatments and cosmetic procedures), has cost her around $60,000. But that's not it for Ophelia - she is also researching riskier procedures such as rib removal surgery and an operation to permanently change her eye color.

She is also seeking to increase her 80,000-strong Instagram following, getting a huge buzz when she shares videos and pictures of her latest looks:

Unfortunately, she has also had her fair share of cruel trolls to deal with.

She said: “My friends are supportive of what I do. Justin doesn’t mind, either, but he does worry about the risks, which is understandable. But, sadly, I do get a lot of cyberbullying, mainly from girls, who say I’m excessive. I’ve even found actual websites that have been set up dedicated to hating me.

“They call me attention seeking, but surely doing that is just giving me more attention? If they hated me that much, they’d block me.

“Thankfully, I still have a lot of fans, who mean the world to me. I pride myself on being a kind person, too, and while I may have low self-esteem and be a little sensitive, I would never judge another person on how they look.”

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Justin has nothing but positive things to say about Ophelia’s Barbie look, although he loves her for who she is, rather than what she looks like.

He added: “As long as Ophelia is happy with her surgeries, that’s the main thing that matters. I wouldn’t get any myself, nor do I think she needs them.

“But I’m happy for her to get the procedures as it helps her self-esteem improve, which has been an issue.”

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Ultimately, there is someone out there for everyone, and it's wonderful to hear that, despite Ophelia's initial fears, she has managed to find someone who loves her for who she is.

We wish them both all the happiness in the world and hope that Ophelia remains content with her appearance.