7 Surefire signs that your ex wants you back

7 Surefire signs that your ex wants you back

When a couple decides to break up, the process normally goes something like this: they're sad for a bit, they self-medicate with some combination of Netflix marathons/going to the gym/living off of frozen pizzas for two weeks, and they're over it. Well, mostly over it.

However, for some people, there comes a point in that interim stage of binge-watching/exercising/eating when they realize that, actually, breaking up really wasn't the right decision to make in the situation. And that can be a terrible thing - especially if the other person is set on the whole "separation" deal.

But, if you're wondering whether your ex-partner feels the same way you do about wanting to get back together, here are seven signs that they're looking to rekindle the relationship...

1. They always find an excuse to talk to you

Whether they're just calling to see if you still have that thing they left at your house, or texting to see if you're up to date with that TV show you used to watch, whatever arbitrary thing it is they've contacted you about is probably just a ruse to have some interaction with you.

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2. They're super interested about who you're dating (or not)

If you'd been together for a long time, it's obviously going to sting them a little if you decide to move on to a new beau. Someone who's over the relationship will most likely ignore your new thing, or perhaps even wish you the best with it - but, if they're planning on winning you back, they'll obviously be keen to know whether or not they have competition.

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3. They text you when they're alone/sad/drunk

Most of us usually have a small group of people that we turn to when we're at our lowest, and they tend to be the folks we trust the most. We go to them when we're not in our best state, either because we value their advice, need their comfort, or we're just thinking about them a lot. If you're one of those people to your ex, the chances are that you're on their mind most of the time.

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4. They're overly touchy-feely

We all have a good idea of what a normal level of physical contact is for friends, right? A hug or a kiss on the cheek when saying hello or goodbye is totally fine, as is the occasional touch on the arm when you need comforting, or slap on the back when you've said something side-splittingly funny. But if your ex is taking every possible opportunity to touch you, or even just get a little too comfortable in your personal bubble, the chances are that they have no intention of just keeping you as a pal.

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5. They constantly remind you of the good times you had together

While it's not that weird for former couples to reminisce about their past, it is a bit strange for someone to constantly riff on about "the good ol' days". If your ex does this, they're clearly still hung up on the past, and they don't want to let it go anytime soon.

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6. They share all their emotional baggage with you

Usually, in our times of need, the one person we talk to is going to be the person who we want to care about us the most. When you're part of a couple, that person should be your significant other. So, if your ex is still going to you every time they need to vent about something, they clearly haven't moved on from how your relationship used to be.

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 7. They straight up admit that they're not over you

Do you really need me to spell it out?

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If you notice your ex exhibiting any of these signs and you feel the same way, you should definitely chat to them about where you stand. Likewise, if your former bae is doing these things and you're not into it, you need to let them know.