The 10 most hilarious examples of women trolling creeps on dating apps

The 10 most hilarious examples of women trolling creeps on dating apps

If you're a woman and have ever spent any time on apps such as Tinder and Bumble, you've most probably been subjected to the recesses of mankind. Men on dating apps are another breed of terrible, unable to catcall us on the street, they use other methods to get their creepiness across. Whether that's sending unsolicited d**k pics, overtly crude messages or just coming across as a bit of a stalker, chances are that any woman who has dabbled in online dating has had one, if not all three of these experiences. And let me just say, you tire very quickly of being called a "bi**h" and a "whore" after daring not to reciprocate some perfect stranger's advances.

Now, while it goes without saying that there are also many men who are perfectly respectful on such platforms, these examples of women getting their own back on the creeps of the internet are seriously satisfying. There are just so many ways to troll the trolls, and these ladies are only just getting started.

1. This is not a "nice message"

2. Side-splitting

creep Credit: Tumblr

3. That's one way to get someone's attention

4. Wow 

creep Credit: Tumblr

creep Credit: Tumblr

5. Byefelipe is the best Instagram account 

6. Double standards, much? 

Credit: Tumblr

7. Trolling level: 100 

8. Can't he get the hint? 

9. A little too forward

10. Asking for someone's number straight away is a little odd 

These women certainly know how to get their own back at the disrespectful men of the world. So next time you find yourself talking to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to look to these ladies for a little inspiration.