10 Men reveal the exact moment they knew that they wanted to marry their partner

They say that you will always remember the moment you fell in love with your partner, and I can imagine the same is true for when you want to marry them. The following stories are from the men of Reddit who outline the moment that they realised they wanted to marry their partner. All of the stories are heartwarming and show that love can exist anywhere... even when your partner is violently vomiting and pooping.

1. She won that encounter

“When I first told my father that I was dating someone new, he jokingly asked: ‘What’s her name? What does she do? What’s her bra size?’

“I told her about it, hoping to prepare her for his sense of humour and she thought it was hilarious. The first time they met she introduced herself by saying: ‘Hi I’m Stephanie. I’m in college and I’m a B-cup.’

“My father was horrified, my mother was laughing hysterically and I was in love.”

Love heart hands Credit: Pexels

2. At least it wasn't Justin Bieber 

“I left my favourite CD in her car (Dream Theater’s ‘Scenes From a Memory’). She wasn’t a huge fan, but put up with it whenever I listened. One day I was on the phone with her while she was driving and we said good-bye but she forgot to hang up. I waited a few seconds and I heard her singing along.”

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3. Life moves fast

“Our first date lasted 12 hours because we just couldn’t stop talking. Our second date was supposed to be just dinner and it lasted almost two days. She drove away after the second date and I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it. I was ecstatic to find out she felt the same.”

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4. If you still fancy her after that, she's the one

“We were three days into a month-long backpacking trip in southeast Asia. We were staying in a seedy hotel in Bangkok and she got a bad case of food poisoning - it was coming out of both ends for 24 hours.

"I, of course, became designated as her nurse. I was refilling her water bottle, getting her soup from the restaurant outside, keeping her company and, most importantly, emptying the trash bin she kept puking into.

"After one trip to empty her vomit bucket, I came back into the room and she was asleep. I looked at her and thought to myself: ’I’m not even bothered by this. I’d do anything for her. This is the woman I’m going to marry. She’s a disgusting barf fairy, but she’s my disgusting barf fairy.’ Zero regrets.”

Married couple making love heart with hands Credit: Pexels

5. She's a good influence

“I got mad and yelled at her for some stupid shit because I had been in a toxic relationship prior to meeting her and I thought that what couples did (scream and argue). I expected her to yell back at me, but she just stared at me for a moment and asked if I was done. I said I was and she proceeded to explain to me that people who love one another do not treat each other that way. We can disagree with one another, but there’s no reason to be mean. ‘If we’re going to be together, please don’t be mean to me again.’ That was 26 years ago (we’ve been married 25 years).”

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6. What. A. Woman.

"My dad told me he knew he wanted to marry my mom when the McDonald's opened in Moscow after the USSR crumbled and she ate 6 Big Macs in a row."

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7. May as well just make it official

"We'd been together for years, and were on vacation. People asked us if we were newlyweds and we said no and they said ah, so you've been married for a long time then? It did not occur to anyone that we were not married. We figured at that point we might as well throw a party and make it official."

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8. Crazy cat lady alert!

"One of our couple friends announced they were having a baby. Later that night she called me to her closet and goes 'look this is my baby' and she had wrapped up her cat like baby. The cat was so old and so pissed. I never laughed so hard."

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9. Son = best wingman in the world?

"When my son called her "Mama". My ex left us high and dry when my son was 4 months old."

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10. A different type of life sentence

"She told me on several occasions that she would murder me if I dumped her after she turned 40. So I proposed on her fortieth birthday."

Married couple embracing Credit: Pexels

There you go - it's not all doom and gloom in this world of ours. Love does exist, it just finds you in funny ways.