10 Social media faux pas you should avoid in new relationships

10 Social media faux pas you should avoid in new relationships

There are certain unwritten rules that apply during the early stages of a relationship. Most of these are pretty obvious: don't make a bad impression in front of your new boo's family, wait a little while before showing your gross side, and, whatever you do, don't go planning an elaborate marriage proposal when you've only known each other for three weeks. It's all common sense, really.

With social media, however, there is an added dimension of "Do's and Don't's" that we must adhere to. You see, a relationship is no longer between just two people; it's now something that is broadcast to every friend, follower and creeper who's connected with you on the internet. So what sorts of things should you avoid doing?

1. Being a keen bean

Unless you and your new significant other have agreed that you want to go 'Facebook official', don't update your relationship status. In the realm of social media, that's almost as serious a commitment as moving in together - so respect its sanctity. Otherwise everyone will notice when you go right back to 'single' the next day.

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2. Going on a not-so-stealthy stalk

There's no problem with looking through old posts or tweets of the person you're dating. You want to get a better idea of what they're like, right? But god forbid you double tap an Instagram post from three years ago, because they will find out.

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3. Over-sharing

Telling your close friends about a first date is totally fine, but nobody needs to know about what happened between the night before and the morning after. Not me, not those people you're still connected to from high school, and certainly not your great aunt Maud.

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4. Unleashing the green-eyed monster

If you're still connected with your ex on snapchat, don't send them a million pictures of you and your new squeeze. It will only make you look petty and immature, and, if nothing else, it tells your new partner that you're not over the old one.

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5. Using Facebook as a diary

Even if you've been in a long-term relationship, don't do this. Nobody cares what you and your new bae had for breakfast, or what time you're going out on a date, or how many times they went to the bathroom. It's just gross.

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6. Treating your partner like a trophy

I don't care if your latest Tinder match is literally the most beautiful person on the planet, don't post their pictures without them knowing. And it should also go without saying that you don't share their last status update, or screenshot their snaps for your story, or use them as something to show off about. Because they will run. Fast.

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7. E-meeting everyone

Getting introduced to your partner's friends and family is a pretty big moment in a relationship, and it should happen on their terms; not yours. So don't go following their best friend on Instagram, or adding their siblings on Facebook. It's weird and sort of possessive, and it won't end well.

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8. Hovering over them

If you've only been with someone for two days, don't obsess over why they were active on Facebook at 2am. Social media may be a public platform, but everybody still deserves privacy. Make sure you respect that.

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9. Tagging them in EVERYTHING

Back in the day, one of the biggest faux pas you could commit was calling them too soon after a date, or texting back too quickly. The same principle applies to memes. If you tag them in 500 posts with some tenuous link to something you discussed yesterday, you're going to seem a little too eager.

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10. Lying

The beauty of social media is that it allows you to very carefully construct an image for yourself, even if that image is completely false. If you lie about being in a relationship on the internet, people are going to find out. They always do. And when it happens, you're going to look a little bit silly.

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Basically, just play it cool. Treat your new partner with as much respect as you would expect from them, and don't do anything you know you'll regret. Everybody is a critic when it comes to social media, and (unfortunately) once something is on the internet, it's very hard to get rid of. So make good choices.