10 Weird things that everyone in a long-term relationship does

10 Weird things that everyone in a long-term relationship does

When you're in a long-term relationship, certain things begin to happen. After spending a certain amount of time together, the worries and stigmas that you have when you first hook up tend to disappear. You no longer try and look presentable at all times, and smelling nice isn't something that comes into the equation anymore.

While it may be hard for those of you who aren't in a long-term relationship to imagine slipping into gross/strange habits, these are 10 weird things that are extremely common in long-term relationships.

1. You can shower without having sex

The bathroom may still get steamy, but what's going on inside isn't anymore. Plus, if you shower together, you save money on bills.

2. You can use the bathroom together

When you first hook up, discussions regarding the toilet are few and far between. However, once you're comfortable with each other, one of you will be using the loo while the other showers or brushes their teeth.

3. Checking the laundry

While sniffings someone's underwear is commonly associated with strange sex pests who get off on human scents, the same can't be said for when you're in a long-term relationship. If you live together, you will more than likely take a sniff of your partner's clothing to decide if it needs to go in the wash.

4. Inspecting your bodies

Popping your partner's spot is a favourite past-time for anybody that's been in a long-term relationship. When you're comfortable with someone, you're more than likely to be happy to let them check your weird hairs and moles for you.

5. You've worn each other's clothes

If you're in an LTR and haven't at least tried on your partner's clothes, well you're just not doing it right. Most relationships have seen men in dresses and women in oversized football shirts, it's just part of the course.

6. You text each other when you're both in

We've all been there - you're upstairs in your room and you're unbelievably hungry. However, the pizza is downstairs and you just cannot face the descent. If you're in an LTR, you'll just pull out your phone and try and convince your partner to bring you up a slice by using a load of suggestive emojis.

7. Tickle torture

Even though absolutely nobody enjoys it, tickle torture is something that is extremely deep-rooted in the foundations of a long-term relationship.

8. You have pet names

Pet names are the type of thing that cringe absolutely everybody out, apart from the people in the relationship. BooBoo, Flower, Bear, Sweetie - no matter what they are, they're usually stomach churning when said in a public place.

9. You have your own language

Whether it's winking, noises, or hand signals - you and your partner are able to communicate with each other without anybody else having any idea of what you're on about.

10. Farting and burping

Unfortunately, farting and burping are just part of what we do as human beings. While they are both gross, they are unavoidable. However, while they were taboo subjects when you first began dating, you now have a competition over who can be the grossest.

While long-term relationships might seem strange to those who aren't involved in them, when you're in one, these 10 things seem perfectly normal.