11 Things that every couple does when they've been in a relationship for years

11 Things that every couple does when they've been in a relationship for years

If you've ever been in a relationship for a significant amount of time, you'll know that something strange starts happening after a while. It's like a weird sort of symbiosis, wherein both of you start doing things in accordance with the other - things you never would have done before, and certainly never would have considered normal had you witnessed it happening from outside of your partnership.

It just seems to be how human relationships work, though, as it's a universal phenomenon. In fact, here are 11 things that pretty much any long-term couple will be able to relate to in some form or another...

1. You never stop talking about them

You know people probably get a bit annoyed when you do it, too, but you just don't care. Your other half did a really awesome/adorable thing, and everyone needs to know about it.

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2. You recall their childhood memories as well as they do

You know all about that trip to the zoo with Great Auntie Janet, and you've heard the story about their fifth birthday so many times it almost feels like you were there. But you don't mind.

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3. You enjoy the Netflix without the chill

Obviously, the chill part is still great - but you're content without it. Sometimes, just watching a movie together or binge-watching three seasons of Dexter is exactly how you want to spend your Saturday, and nothing would make you happier.

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4. You talk about your bodily functions in way too much detail

You don't care whether your partner wants to hear about it or not, you're definitely going to tell them about the experience you just had in the bathroom because it needs to be shared.

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5. You replace "I" with "we"

When talking to your friends, if you say, "we went to the movies last night", or "we're going on holiday in June", they know you're talking about yourself and your partner.

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6. You basically have the same Facebook page

You've added all their pals on Facebook and they've added all of yours, every picture or video you upload has both of you in it, and any status either of you posts has the other one tagged in.

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7. Your inside jokes have inside jokes

You guys will say something to one another that doesn't make any sense at all, and only the pair of you will get it because the origin story is like two years and eight degrees of separation away.

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8. You share all your secrets

If someone shares something with you in confidence, they need to realize that you're definitely going to share it with your other half pretty much the second you see them.

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9. You don't even hide when you're in a bad mood

If you're having an off day or something bad has happened, you don't want to put your significant other through the hassle of working out what's wrong, so you just straight up tell them that you're miserable and need to be left alone for a bit.

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10. Your interests are now their interests

Stranger Things might have started off as your thing, and Game of Thrones might have been their thing before you met, but now you're both fans. And it's great to have someone to share that with.

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11. You steal all their stuff

They left a hoodie at your place? It's yours now. You bought yourself a snack for after work? Yeah, don't expect it to be there when you get back. Sharing is caring, but pinching each other's stuff is true love.

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If some of these things haven't happened in your relationship yet, you've just got to wait a little longer. And when they do happen, you'll learn to love it.