12 Surefire signs that you've found yourself a keeper

12 Surefire signs that you've found yourself a keeper

Whether you're in a serious relationship, at the early stages of one, or perusing dating apps at the moment, it's always hard to know what kind of person is going to be worth keeping around in the long run. While each man and woman is unique and has individual romantic interests, there are a few sure-fire signs to know whether you've got yourself a good egg or a bad egg.

Here are 12 signs commonly found in nice and wholesome partners that you'll want to keep forever.

1. They stick to their word

A good partner is consistent and doesn't break promises. This lets you trust them, and trust is a huge part of any relationship. Even if they have to bail on plans or would really just rather mop the flat tomorrow, you know that they're being honest and they will do it eventually.

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2. They're healthy and positive

This doesn't mean they should be a total health nut spending all their time working out (although a lovely set of toned arms doesn't hurt), it just means they're not ordering takeaway junk food for every meal and slothing around at home 24/7. You want someone with balance and a positive influence on your wellbeing. This includes verbal compliments, seeing the positive side of bad situations, and saying thank you for the little things you do.

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3. They like animals

If they like your doggo and your doggo likes them, there's a good chance that your person has a good, genuine, beating heart in there. Compassion for animals is known to be linked to goodness of character.

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4. You're comfortable in each others' silences

Everyone reaches a point in a relationship where they're not nervously trying to fill every silence with rambling garbage or irksome small talk about how windy it is today. Heck, there will even be times where you're in the same room but you're each doing your own things. A good partner recognises and respects that you each need your own space. It also shows that you'll be alright if you happen to be apart for a longer time and distance.

5. They are honest

This means you're open and willing to talk about the more difficult topics of life. You need to be able to be honest about sex (safe sex, birth control, things you like/don't like, plus unfulfilled fantasies you may have) and you need to be able to talk about flaws and habits that might irritate you. It might offend you, but consider yourself lucky that your significant other doesn't want to hold anything back from you.

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6. They are present

Meaning they're not staring into their phones or somehow distracted the whole time you're supposed to be spending time together. It means they'll know what coffee to order for you, how you like your eggs cooked and that they'll properly listen if you've had a bad day at work.

7. Other people like them

There's nothing more attractive than standing in a room and looking across at your significant other who is making a group of people laugh around them. It helps if your partner has a nice group of friends, calls their parents from time to time, and also gets along with your family and friends. Also look out for how they interact with waiters and cab drivers. Get out of there if they are unnecessarily rude or belittling.

8. They have ambition

When you met, there were probably a few hobbies, skills and dreams the person told you about that made you fall for them. If they're still mastering their skills and achieving some of those goals (or dreaming up new ones), you will forever be enamoured and inspired by them. Plus you know they're not just full of sh*t. A big part of this is having your own identity and individual ambitions. A good partner should support you with whatever you're dealing with or working on, and wish only the best for you.

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9. You're physically satisfied

Yes, yes, bring on the winky faces. Kiss often, enjoy sex, lie on their lap and watch TV, cuddle when you snooze and hold hands in the cinema. If PDA's not your thing, keep it to your private dwellings. Spare me the details, but it is important to have a physical connection with your person.

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10. You're able to have reasonable arguments

If you never fight and are constantly tip-toeing around drama, you're just staying in the same awkward state of disturbingly polite correspondence. You should be able to bring up difficult conversations, even if it leads to arguments. A good partner will respect that you have different opinions. Saying sorry is really important, and resolving a fight often leads to a strengthened relationship. If you can overcome arguments without shouting "WELL MAYBE WE SHOULD BREAK UP", then you'll be able to withstand much together.

11. They're adventurous

While it's awesome to reach a stage where you're both OK with having no plans whatsoever, you shouldn't be doomed to just "chill" until the end of time. If your partner is still getting you out of your comfort zone from time to time, then they are a real positive force in your life. Whether it be persuading you to go ice-skating, to watch a horror film or even to move to another country with them, these kind of adventures will keep you excited about life.

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12. You just know

It's that feeling when you just feel at home when you're with them. Your body is a powerful intuitive communicator, so you should take your gut instincts seriously. You might think from a rational point of view that this person is not your type, but if something from within is telling you to give them a chance, it could be a good thing. There might also be "signs from the universe" – you both lived in the same city a few years ago or you both despise cilantro – whatever, these signs do exist and can be read into.

However many of these signs you can see in your significant other, it's really up to you to see if they're worth keeping around. If they make you happy and bring out the best in you, then that's a pretty good indicator of a genuine keeper. In any case, any experience is a good experience because you can learn from everything.