15 Couples' tattoos that your relationship needs

15 Couples' tattoos that your relationship needs

Nothing can match the exhilarating, coruscating glow of knowing that you have found 'the one'.

After all, for many a happy relationship is a pillar of a life well lived, companionship an integral part of a fulfilling existence. This is by no means the case for everyone, of course.

If you are one such individual, though, you will most likely be familiar with the urge to pronounce your ardour from the rooftops, let the world know you're in love as you bask in the mollifying ointment of a thousand love songs. If that sounds like you, then you might well be interested in these wonderfully imaginative couples' tattoos; a word of warning though, you'd better be pretty sure you're going to stay together before you make what could otherwise amount to a rather permanent mistake.

1. For couples that love Harry Potter 

2. Minimalist yet meaningful 

Credit: Tumblr

3. Say it with Toy Story

Credit: Tumblr

4. Kings and Queens 

5. In a galaxy far, far away

Credit: Pinterest

6. Two halves make a whole 

Credit: melissarighero.com

7. Pacman love is the best love 

8. Owl always love you 

Credit: Flikr/Lauren Westcott-Miller

9. The perfect combination 

Credit: Visual news

10. Millennial love 

11. Making memories 

Credit: Lovelyish.com

12. Co-ordinates of an important place 

Credit: Cute-tattoo.com

13. Wedding vows 

Credit: Weddingomania.com

14. A love in animation 

Credit: Kala.com.br

15. Because Mickey and Minnie can never be parted 

Credit: Tumblr

Hopefully these have given you some ideas to take your declarations of love to the next level. I really can't stress enough though that you shouldn't do this unless you're pretty damn certain about your other half. I shudder to think of the consequences otherwise.