15 Stories that show you can fall in love at any time

15 Stories that show you can fall in love at any time

Ladies and gentlemen, it is cuffing season. Which if you are not aware of what that is, it means it is the time of the year when everyone begins to search for a partner. The nights are getting longer, the weather is getting darker and somewhere far in the distance, hovering its lovely bobbled head, is Christmas.

Naturally, at this time of year, we are all looking for a snuggle partner to go into hibernation with, but it can seem almost impossible at times. Among all that swiping right and awful dates, it's easy to feel like you will never find love; however, this just isn't true. Below, you will find 15 people who found love in strange places, and hopefully, you will feel like you are not completely hopeless.

1. Did he just wing man himself?

"My fiancé and I met in the first week of college because he was trying to be wing man for one of his friends. He's really cute and is a bad wing man."

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2. Not the best first impression to make on the mother

"I met the love of my life in Art Appreciation class back in college. We were both 18 yrs old. We noticed each other from across the auditorium. He started sitting right behind me. Eventually, after talking in class for a while we went for a walk at the mall. It happened to be Halloween, so everybody was in costumes except for us. Very magical and surreal, now that i think about it.

"We ended up talking in the parking lot for hours. I asked him if he would get in trouble with his parents for being out so late. He nonchalantly said, "nah." Well, 14 yrs, 2 kids, and a house later, he confessed that his mom called the police and reported him missing because it was 2am and he wasn't home yet. Good times."

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3. A Christmas miracle

"She fell into my lap at a Christmas party. Literally! I was sitting on a couch; she came in, tripped over something – and landed on my lap. Not sure what was said after that, but we had a date two weeks later; got married six months later – and had 38 wonderful years until she died last year."

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4. The best kind of punishment

"Due to poor grades in school my mother made me volunteer at a local after school program. My would-be girlfriend was also volunteering there. 8 years later and we're still together and in love."

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5. That last sentence will get you right in the feels

"Via some stupid dating app on Facebook. I'm sure it's since been abandoned, considering it was barely even used during the height of its popularity. It feels like I downloaded a shitty off brand bejeweled and actual jewels fell out of my phone."

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"Drunk at a Reel Big Fish gig. I licked her face and asked her for a shag."

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7. We have so much to thank the internet for

"Through reddit. Got married this year and we are expecting a baby in June. I moved from Canada to Australia to be with him. He's currently next to me in bed on his laptop."

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8. Most edgy opening line ever?

"Secondary school when we were 14, I was the new kid.. Wanted to start a conversation with him so I leant back in my chair and said 'Grunge has been dead since 1994'."

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9. And now you can't have children

"I had just broken up with a long term boyfriend in high school and one of my male friends pestered me for days to get out of the house and hang out with him. For days I said no, but finally agreed when he asked me to go to this house party. I clarified repeatedly we were going as just friends. Just. Friends.

"We get to the party as its dying down. The host is there and is just gone. I've never met someone I was more repulsed by in my life.

"I get up and walk across the room to get away from my increasingly clingy friend and the host stops me and kisses my hand. I look annoyed, he knows I'm annoyed, and he apologizes and tells me that he's sorry, but I'm just so beautiful that he had to. "What would it take for me to be able to kiss you again?"

"Me (trying to get him to go away): "If you let me kick you in the nuts, how about that?"

"And he agreed. Quickly takes my hand and kisses it. And I nail him in the goods. It was just so ridiculous I couldn't help but laugh.

"We've been together for nearly 11 years now."

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10. This sounds like something from Desperate Housewives

"Two days before he married someone I knew. Within six months they were through and we were together. Twelve years later, married for ten, he's still the best thing that ever happened to me."

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11. Urm... I think that's called a stalker?

"Speed dating at NYC Comic Con. We were both rejected. Me because I went to an earlier session and they already had enough gals, and him because they already had enough guys. There was mingling, he followed me around and hasn't stopped for about 5 years. :)"

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12. Are you sure you're not just suffering from concussion?

"I met my lovely man at a music festival in Dallas. We bumped heads together at the Flux Pavilion and Doctor P set. It was magical..."

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13. At least he still fancied you at your worst

"Met about 7 years ago in a club when it was a d&b night.. I was separated from friends, drunk just dancing away to music I don't like, he asked for my id (I look young) and then pestered to buy me a drink! I eventually let him buy me a bottle of water. Then went to be sick (nice) he came to find me as I'd been gone a while and my friends didn't know where I was, found me cuddling the toilet, held my hair back then got a cab to take me home.

"Saw him more or less everyday since! We both wasn't meant to be in the club that night but through circumstances we went.. Also he wasnt my type but his persistent wore me down enough to give him a chance!! haha."

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14. That's one way to make an entrance

 "We met when we were 13, he walked into my p.e class and accidentally hit a girl in the face with a cricket ball. My first kiss, and my prom date."

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15. At last, a story of true love!

"I met my dog in a pet shop."

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There we have it, it turns out love shows up in all sort of strange places. So if you're feeling sad about your love life, turn that frown upside down, as you never know when you might bump into the one.