15 strange texts people received after going on a date

15 strange texts people received after going on a date

Dating in the 21st century feels at times akin to wandering blithely across a live minefield, blindfolded.

The potential pitfalls, embarrassments and jeopardy involved are simply innumerable, and frankly it's a surprise that more people don't simply denounce the whole institution and go to live in happy isolation in a forest somewhere.

In the past - one imagines - dating was a far simpler affair. Though it might seem convenient to merely swipe left and right to make decisions over potential love interests, it is undeniably a rather cosmetic approach. Gone are the days of romantic letters, of actual face-to-face meet cutes, replaced instead by an extended toilet break to swipe furiously across a phone screen.

Of course, I sound outmoded, and many would consider my views decidedly archaic, flying in the face as they do of modern technological advancements and societal changes. When miracles do happen, though, and two people actually meet up to go on a date together, the jeopardy is still not over, as these frankly bizarre texts that people received after going on a date will surely attest.

1. Let's kick off with a nice one...

Nice text about splitting the bill

2. And then immediately take a turn for the worse 

3. Doesn't seem very fair 

text about cleavage distraction

4. Giving men a bad name

5. Modern dating can be somewhat cut-throat 

6. Just mates, yeah? 

friend zoned in a text

7. That's... That's a bit much 

texted 'I think I love you' after one date

8. Why would anyone do that? 

texted saying he thought she was ugly

9. Actually a brilliant follow up text, that 

10. I think that means he likes you? 

texted a shirtless photo

11. "Private pictures" is such a weird phrase

12. Er, thanks? 

texted saying they smelt good

13. Yeah, but seriously, /10?

14. Does this mean we're not going for a second date? Or are you a spy?

asked him to delete her number

15. Let's finish with this genuinely really lovely text 

What a cornucopia of text messages that was; a real mixed bag which just goes to prove that, when it comes to dating, there really is no set of hard and fast rules to follow.