19-year-old becomes an instant hero after saving a woman getting creeped on at the gym

19-year-old becomes an instant hero after saving a woman getting creeped on at the gym

Of all the places in the world to try and pick up, the gym has to be one of the worst. Being interrupted when you're in the middle of counting reps, or trying to talk to someone while blinking away sweat and looking more red than a blushing lobster at La Tomatina, is low-key mortifying and just plain annoying.

But hey, I don't know if its the adrenaline from exercising or the smell of active bodies permeating the air – it's not uncommon for people to try and flirt while working out. For one girl, it appeared to be a case of unwanted attention that caught the eye of 19-year-old Maddison Westcott, who proved to be a hero by walking over to come to the rescue. Maddison saw the girl being harassed by a guy while she was working out, and judging by the girl's unenthusiastic response, she decided to step in.

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Only... it turns out that it was a false alarm. The guy assuming the persona of the gym creep targeting girls in tight leggings turned out to be the girl's boyfriend, and he was merely acting as if he didn't know her. It was a classic case of pretending they'd never met before and playing out a flirtatious scenario of would-be if they'd met at the gym.

The girl, whose name is Nicoletta, tweeted about the incident, explaining how her boyfriend Ricky was just trying to engage in some playful banter while the couple was working out.

Nicoletta had to explain the situation to Maddison, saying she turned "beet red" and apologised. While it was just some consensual playing between a couple, Nicoletta did appreciate the gesture from Maddison, which would have been a perfect saviour if they guy was, in fact, a creep.

The tweet got a lot of attention, with many women sharing similar experiences and hero stories of people who "saved" them during uncomfortable moments like this.

Maddison told Buzzfeed that she could hear Ricky making remarks through the music playing in her headphones, and after deciding that it did not look like Nicoletta was enjoying it, she decided to intervene. She explained in a thread on her own Twitter profile that she's had her own experiences of "really creepy guys" coming up to her in the gym as well.

Of course, the incident had a lot of people raising the old "so is it even okay to breathe near a woman these days?" whinge, to which Maddison responded with a simple but spot-on answer: "be polite and don’t comment on their body, and if they look busy don’t interrupt her gainz".

Not all heroes wear capes because in this case, it was active wear. While no-one is generalising anything about the gym-going community, creepazoids who spend too much time scanning the room looking at everyone else, rather than focusing on their own workout, do exist. While it wasn't really necessary in this scenario, many people would be grateful for someone like Maddison so they can just do their goddamn deadlifts in peace.