20 people who found closure with their exes

20 people who found closure with their exes

We've all experienced what feels like more than our fair share of heartbreak and unrequited love. Since humankind evolved from solely being devoted to hunting and gathering, we have been enamored by some largely unattainable conception of "true love", and have remained in pursuit of it ever since.

One need only scroll through their Instagram feed or turn on the latest Hollywood flick to see "the perfect couple". Elegantly coiffed and replete with long, lithe limbs, the aforementioned couple enjoys a trademark version of the "perfect love". All of their dates take place in candlelit settings that are eerily devoid of all other human life, and when they do eventually begin to argue, it's always passionate and never overly hurtful or damning.

Unfortunately, love in real life looks very different. Historically, romantic films never show what happens after the guy gets the girl or vice versa. The film ends right when the relationship begins, and as anyone who has been in a relationship can testify to - they can be incredibly difficult, regardless of how in love you are.

Certainly, breakups are nearly always inevitable and can be utterly traumatising. As many of us know, when you're in the depths of despair, it can feel like you're never going to get over your ex, or that you could never possibly feel the same amount of love for anyone else, but as every one will surely keep telling you,(to your great annoyance): it does eventually get better. And the following stories prove exactly that...

1. Sometimes closure can be found in the most unconventional of ways 

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2. I mean, really unconventional... 

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3. Oh, and again:

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4. Sometimes you just need answers...

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5. Or sometimes you don't need any at all 

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6. Occasionally, it's not all about your ex...

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7. And at other times it can take longer than anticipated

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8. This works for some people 

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9. Others, however, require a softer approach 

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10. The hard truth hurts, but can ultimately prove helpful 

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11. For others it doesn't come so easy or so quickly... 

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12. But don't lose hope! 

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13. If others can do it, you can too 

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14. It really doesn't last forever 

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15. As hard as it is, you have to keep reminding yourself that feelings change 

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16. After all, nothing can last forever 

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17. And before you know it, you would have found someone better even if it feels you'll never get over your ex 

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18. See, it does happen

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19. You just need to keep holding out hope 

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20. Or if not, there's always this I guess... 

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Whilst love truly can be cruel, it has been proved, time and time again, that human beings are incredibly resilient creatures. Not only are we capable of finding love again, but we really do come out of such trauma stronger than ever.