30 Questionable Tinder Profiles That Prove True Love Is Hard To Find

30 Questionable Tinder Profiles That Prove True Love Is Hard To Find

I've said it before, and I'll probably end up saying it many more times before the end of my life: dating is hard. In theory, finding someone you don't despise to cuddle up and spend the majority of your time with should be pretty simple, but in practice, countless time and money is spent trying to find the right person to settle down with.

Tinder is meant to facilitate that. You go on Tinder, add a few photos, and swipe on people you like or don't quite fancy. Your metric of judgement for that is the Tinder profile, and some of them are... let's say, more creative than others. That can work to your advantage in standing out from the crowd, but these unlucky-in-love ladies and gents stand out in a way that's maybe not so good.

1. I wonder what's on her mind...

2. How does she get them to stay on?

3. Seductive pose

4. Happens to the best of us

5. Aaah! A tongue full of babies!

6. *Swipes right immediately*

7. Maybe we'll go out to breakfast instead

8. Pretty self-explanatory

9. At least she's honest

10. Nice melons

11. Fish puns are the way to my heart, as they should be yours

12. Ew

13. She sounds like fun

14. That's a pretty nice tractor she's got there

15. On second thought, I think Emilia here has won Tinder

16. Didn't see that coming 

17. When you see them...

18. Pretty charming profile, but what on Earth are you doing in the picture?!

19. Do you think her chest and butt have been Photoshopped? I can't tell

20. No, you're really not a typical Asian girl

21. He can't hear the haters through those stacks of cash, so mock him in his left ear, I guess?

22. To each their own

23. LeftCroc might be looking for a while...


24. You know, nothing special

25. Here's Amanda, apparently taken before she ascended to heaven on a cloud of farts

26. That took a turn

27. Sounds like a fun evening of activities either way

28. Charming

29. I'm not sure what's happening here... but I think I like it

30. I love a girl with strong bowel movements

No matter how many apps, articles or dates we indulge in, finding the one. These guys and girls have gone the extra mile in a different direction to find their perfect match, but I think that with enough patience, they'll be successful. They may not get a lot of matches, but the ones they do are more likely to blossom into something beautiful. Weird, maybe, but beautiful.

[Image Credit: Imgur/Tinder]