5 Signs your partner is no longer the one for you

5 Signs your partner is no longer the one for you

Throughout our lifetimes, everyone will have a different experience with relationships. Some of us are lucky enough to meet "the one" while we're still in high school, others will go through a few dodgy partnerships before settling down, meanwhile most of us seem to be on a never-ending mission to find our soulmates, getting in and out of relationships on a worryingly regular basis.

But how exactly can you tell that your relationship has reached its stagnation point? Everyone has doubts sometimes, so which signs are the clear indicators that it's time to leave? Well, if you experience any of these five things, it might be time to call it a day with your current beau...

1. They take you for granted

Doing everything for your partner without any thanks or acknowledgment can get exhausting after a while. You'll begin to feel like a parent to them - someone who just spends all their time giving while getting nothing in return. This is in no way sustainable, and will almost certainly lead to the end of your relationship sooner or later.

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2. They've stopped respecting you

At the beginning of a relationship, people are always keen to shower their new other half in love and attention. However, once the novelty wears off, people sometimes forget that their partner is still as deserving of that same level of respect. They might begin to ignore you, or think that you have to conform to their way of living, but that's simply not true. If they don't have respect for you, you shouldn't have time for them.

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3. It's all take and no give

Who does most of the hard work in the relationship? Who takes care of the important decisions? Who puts in the effort to make sure that the pair of you are always happy? Watch out for a one-sided relationship: it could spell the end for both of you.

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4. They don't care about your needs

One of the primary reasons for getting into a relationship is so that you have someone to support you in life. Your partner should look out for you, make sure you get what's best for you, and do their best to ensure that you're happy. If they don't care about your needs, how are you ever supposed to last together?

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5. Your values are different

Sometimes, you end up getting involved with people, having an amazing time, and then realizing further on down the line that you just want different things to one another. Maybe one of you wants kids, while the other wants to travel the world. Maybe one of you is career driven, while the other just wants a laid-back life. Sometimes you can make it work, but - quite often - different values and priorities in life just means that your paths will fork away from one another; and, at that point, you may as well call it quits.

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Obviously, these points are all very simplified, and deciding to end a relationship is a lot more complicated than simply saying, "I'm done." However, if you are questioning whether or not your current situation is working out, it's worth taking all these things into consideration.