6 Embarrassing things your boyfriend definitely does

6 Embarrassing things your boyfriend definitely does

While boyfriends are great for cuddling and bringing you food, they certainly have their fair share of irksome qualities, too. Whether they're incapable of turning off "boy-brain" over a romantic dinner, or insist on watching and mansplaining the footy to you, one thing's for sure, the course of true love never does run smooth.

In fact, if you've been in a relationship for any amount of time, you can attest to the fact that your significant other can quickly become the most infuriating person. I mean, I would be very surprised if you couldn't relate to these six things that your boyfriend undoubtedly does to embarrass you...

1. He acts like a child in front of his friends 

While it's lovely that your boyfriend has a group of friends that he's so very close with, it becomes quite another thing when he insists on going all "bro-y" in their presence, making terrible jokes and just acting like a general hooligan in public. And by association, it makes you look bad too.

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2. He can't figure out how to dress for the occasion 

Regardless of whether you're going for a pint at your local pub, or treating him to a fancy date-night, chances are that your boyfriend will most definitely wear the wrong thing... And there appears to be no way to teach them, either.


3. He pees on the toilet seat 

I mean, it's really not that hard to point and aim - so why does every man still insist on peeing on the toilet seat?! Disgusting.

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4. He injures himself at the gym 

Either he's watched one too many "inspiration" videos, or has tried too hard to impress his friends, but regardless, you've probably come home to a very injured man, who has - for some idiotic reason - pushed himself too hard when lifting. And they usually act like a right baby about it too.

5. He deliberately embarrasses you in public, because "it's funny" 

 Sure, it might be amusing for them, but for us, it's just downright embarrassing, not to mention irritating.

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6. He suppresses his emotions 

When you're in a relationship, your boyfriend should feel no fear about opening up to you. However, if he continuously refrains from letting you know what's going on, in regards to feelings and emotions, then it's a good sign that he's not only immature, but also rather emotionally unintelligent.

And this, in a grown man, is a rather embarrassing trait, don't you think?

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Yes, boyfriends somehow manage to straddle that liminal space of simultaneously being the best, and the worst. Either way, there's no shaking them.

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