6 ways to flirt without saying anything at all

6 ways to flirt without saying anything at all

Of all the useful skills a person could have in life, flirting has definitely got to be up there in the top ten. Sure, knowing how to cook is pretty useful, and being able to build or fix things will save you a ton of money throughout your lifetime, but being adept at winning the affections of that special someone will help you where it really counts.

Unfortunately, a lot of us suck at it. We never know quite what to say, and we inevitably end up making fools of ourselves by telling a bad joke or failing to land an appropriate compliment. Sometimes, it seems as if we should just avoid talking to people altogether.

Thankfully, there are tons of ways you can flirt without using any verbal communication at all, and here are just some of them...

1. Open up

Closed body language, such as folded arms or hunched shoulders, will tell other people that you're not interested in interacting with them. Making yourself more open to the person you want to hit it off (or get it on) with will make them more likely to start a conversation with you.

man crossing arms Credit: Pexels

2. Play it cool

Of course, if you want to let someone know you're into them, it's fine to flash them a sly smile every now and then. However, if you go around grinning like an idiot, you might just scare them off. Try to be a little more stoic than usual, and save all the mushy beaming for when you actually have a proper connection with them.

smiley face Credit: Pexels

3. Engage in physical contact...

... With your friends. If you're at the bar with your pals, giving them the odd bump on the shoulder or affectionate arm squeeze will help other people see an emotional side to you. This will make them more likely to interact with you and, hopefully, open to flirt with you.

friends laughing Credit: Pexels

4. Mimic their moves

If you mirror the person you're talking with, they're more likely to connect with you on a slightly more intimate level. However, don't go overboard with the copying, otherwise you'll definitely freak people out.

man talking to woman Credit: Pexels

5. Eye contact

This is probably the most basic one on the list, but it's also the most important. Nobody wants to engage in conversation with someone who isn't paying attention to them, so make it clear that you are interested in what they're saying. You might be nervous at first, but that'll soon fade away once the interaction becomes more natural.

woman's eye Credit: Getty

6. Touch your hair/face

If you're a guy, make the effort to touch your jaw or scratch your chin. If you're a girl, play with your hair a little. These are classic tells that you're interested in someone, so make sure to whip them out if you really want to drop the hint.

woman touching hair Credit: Pexels

So, if you've been having a bit of trouble starting a conversation with that cute guy from the office, or you're not quite clued up on how to get the attention of that girl you noticed in the bar, try out a few of these moves next time. They might just be the key to your success.