8 Small signs that he is always thinking about you

8 Small signs that he is always thinking about you

So you're past the perils of the online dating stage and seeing a guy on the regular. But how do you know if he's really into you? Sure, those long, heartfelt conversations, complete with sustained eye contact that begins to feel like a staring competition are probably good indicators that he really likes you, but what about when you're not actually together?

Here are 8 little things that are dead giveaways that you're always on his mind, too.

1. A lingering smile

After you've just met up, you'll smile at each other, maybe hug or kiss on the cheek, and if he keeps smiling widely for a while after your initial greeting, it's a sign his subconscious likes you, probably because he's been thinking about you in a good way in the back of his mind.

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2. He speaks to you early and late

It's because you're the first and last person he wants to talk to, and you're the first and last thing on his mind. Whether it's a call or a text, you know that he's hoping to start the day with you in whatever way he can, and can't wait to tell you about his day by the end of it all as well.

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3. He remembers the small details

Maybe he'll send a video of your favourite kind of dog in the park, or wish you a "Good luck, let me know how it goes!" message on the day of your the big assessment. These kinds of things show that he's been listening and picking up on the little bits and pieces of information you share when chatting together. He's really making an effort to get to know you.

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4. Random texts throughout the day

You know, those ones that are more "I just wanted to say something" than anything really important. Maybe it's a simple "How is your day going?" or "They've played All I Want For Christmas for the fifth time today. Are you being put through the same thing at your office?" – whatever, it's not the content that matters but the fact that he just wants to talk to you.

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5. Body language when you're in the same room

Smiles and eye contact are important, but there are a lot of subconscious clues you can read in someone's body language too. If you're at a party, or maybe sitting around a circle in a class at university, he's probably thinking about you if he's subconsciously trying to keep you in his line of sight, or if his legs and feet are pointed at you. It's natural for our feet to point in the direction we're walking to, and as a result, we subconsciously point them towards where we want to go too.

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6. He's protective

He'll text you after a date to ask if you got home safe, or ask if you got caught up in the horrendous train delays that were on the news that morning. He's invested in your well-being and will check up on you if you told him you were taking a sick day (maybe he'll even offer to bring over soup if you're lucky). He just wants to make sure you're okay and has your physical and emotional safety at heart.

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7. He brings up inside jokes and little memories you share

Like that moment you were driving back home from the mountains and you were listening to Otis Redding, or that time you had the most uncomfortable brunch experience on account of having the stroppiest waitress there ever was. The nice memories, personal jokes and even the tiniest details of times you spent together will pop up in his mind, and he'll want to remind you of them by sending a text or a picture.

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8. He surprises you by getting you something on the way to see you

Maybe he'll bring you a coffee (the way you like it, of course) on his way to meet you in the morning, or he'll pick up some flowers or your favourite magazine on the way home. It doesn't have to be much, but it shows that he was thinking of you when he was out and wants to treat you with a little gesture.

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Even if you're in a long-term relationship, you'll hopefully still notice a few of these little signs from your partner. Okay, maybe he won't message you morning and night when you end up moving in together and sleep in the same bed (that'd be a little weird, tbh), but if you're still experiencing the other little things, you guys are in a good place.