Best man gives the best speech ever with a little help from Pornhub

Best man gives the best speech ever with a little help from Pornhub

While being a best man is undoubtedly a remarkable privilege; the culmination of years of a friendship that has presumably veered with startling velocity from misdemeanor to mishap, it is also, undeniably, a bit of a faff.

I say this with confidence, though I should also pay tribute to my friends who, perhaps regrettably, bestowed the honor on me, even when the chances of them choosing a disorganized, perennially-late chap with what can be at times a rather niche sense of humour appeared regrettably slim.

As I know only a couple of men who have similarly undertaken the solemn task of best man-hood, it would be with giddy reckless abandon that I would presume that such affiliation would give me license to write a bespoke "how-to" best man guide, so I won't do that. But as we all know, the speech is the most anxiety-inducing, potentially hazardous part of your solemn duties as the best man.

Best man makes a speech Credit: Getty

If you have ever delivered such a speech - or witnessed one - you will know what a delicate performance it can prove, and the stakes couldn't be higher; humiliate your best mate on his wedding day, but not so badly that his bride-to-be decides that she might, in fact, be better off without him.

One best man decided to walk that tightrope in an altogether more perilous fashion than most would even dare contemplate, though. Thom had been given the heady honour of being the best man for his friend Danny's wedding, and, in a stunning turn of events, decided to enlist the trusty hands of popular adult film website Pornhub to help him deliver a decidedly memorable best man speech.

Thankfully, everyone appeared to take the risque speech in good humour, as Thom told Refinery 29:

"Everyone at the wedding loved it. My friend's face as it was being introduced and played was priceless! They both saw it for what is was, very good-natured humor at his expense. You can see the reactions from the crowd in the video. Wonderful."

Indeed, the hilarity of it all appeared almost too much for Danny, who posted a video of the best man speech on Twitter, along with the caption, "Can't believe @pornhub & my best man, Thom, pulled together for the best man's speech at my wedding!!"

Pornhub, meanwhile, seemed happy to be involved, posting the original version of the video they made for Thom and Danny and writing: "So happy we could be a part of your big day @1HodgePodge!"

It was certainly a moment to remember for Danny and his new bride, who has to be commended for - presumably - taking the whole thing in good humour.

There's a lot of pressure on any best man to deliver the goods in his speech, and while some may wilt at the thought of the ocassion, others will rise to it gloriously, and throw all caution to the wind, just like Thom. Congratulations!