Biker gang leader defies expectations after old lady was struggling to cross the road

Biker gang leader defies expectations after old lady was struggling to cross the road

We've all heard the saying "never judge a book by its cover", but in a society where we're constantly being told what to think, it's pretty much inevitable. Writing as a woman, if I see a burly looking man walking down a street late at night with a hat covering his face, I can't help but hold on a little tighter to my purse after someone of this description robbed me.

And even though I'm fairly tattooed myself, if I see someone with a facial inking, especially if it's large, I know I'll end up judging them. But as we all know, snap judgments often prove to be incorrect. Case in point, the last burly stranger I saw at night helped me when he realized I was struggling to carry my suitcase up some stairs after arriving back from the airport.

Credit: Facebook / Angela Mcadam Blakely

Unfortunately, when it comes to judging people on a first glance, we have to go on their appearances, and there are certain things, whether correct or not, that society consistently associates with criminality - like tattoos and motorbikes. And speaking of motorbikes, one recent viral act of kindness has proven all stereotypes about burly men and bikers wrong.

Check out the video below to have your faith in humanity restored: 

It's no secret that the elderly are some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, and if they are frail, something as simple as crossing the street can be a challenge. That is, after all, where the whole "good people help old ladies to cross the street" stereotype came from. And it's a stereotype that the head of a biker gang went out of his way to fulfill.

As he drove along the road, he spotted an elderly woman waiting to cross at a zebra crossing, and not wanting her to get into any trouble, he immediately stopped his bike, jumped off it, and lent her an arm. In the viral clip, the other bikers can be seen stopping behind his parked vehicle, patiently waiting for the old lady to cross the street and for their leader to return.

Credit: Facebook / Angela Mcadam Blakely

Prior to the biker stopping, the person recording can be heard saying "are they not going to let her past?" as the old lady waits at the crossing for a car to stop, as they are legally bound to do, and when the biker stops, the voice says, "right here we go".

Credit: Facebook / Angela Mcadam Blakely

The video was posted with the caption "three times this has happened", suggesting that the bikers had helped multiple people to cross the road. While it's not known where the footage was recorded, the woman speaking in the clip has a Scottish accent.

It was shared to social media by Angela Mcadam Blakely and has been viewed over 250,000 times.

One viewer remarked, "Lovely to see so good manners still exist."

"What a lovely guy for helping the lady across the road," another added.

But not old ladies are patient when people get in the way of them crossing the street. Some fight back: 

Now, I don't know about you, but I've got the fuzzies after learning about this story. Here's hoping that the biker in question gets the good karma he deserves. If everyone was this considerate, the world would be a much better place.