Bride evacuated from the altar after hotel bomb hoax ruins her big day

Bride evacuated from the altar after hotel bomb hoax ruins her big day

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life. Since the early days of childhood we have been indoctrinated to believe that our lives are not complete until we find our soul mate, our veritable partner in life - the person that we're bound to till death does us part.

And certainly, whilst millennials are continuing to eschew marriage in record-breaking numbers, we've all watched enough Disney movies to keep us swiping right on dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and whatever new iteration is now available.

As such, we put a lot of pressure on tying the knot. Brides-to-be can spend years prepping for their special day; they recruit friends from high school to fill bridesmaids spots, spend unfathomable amounts of money on a dress that they will only wear once, and dedicate too much time to thinking up creative floral arrangements. So as you can imagine, this one bride was rather irked when her big day was plunged into chaos as a result of a bomb hoax...

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Over 200 guests had come together to see Gaby and Daniel Rosehill say "I do", but things didn't quite go to plan.

Right when the two were seconds away from saying their vows, alarms started sounding at their wedding venue, the Grand Hotel in Brighton; forcing everyone, including the bride and groom, to evacuate.

Credit: Gaby and Daniel Rosehill

All 218 guests, as well as 29-year-old Gaby and 31-year-old Daniel, were forced out into the promenade where they were eventually informed that the wedding could not go on as a bomb threat had been made against the hotel.

As bomb squad officers arrived at the venue, Gaby and Daniel were interrogated by police about whether any of their previous partners could harbour such ill-will as to stage such as stunt. However, both parties eschewed such assertions. The moment of the evacuation was captured on film.

Guests used the popular social media application Snapchat to document the ensuing moments.

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The Grand Hotel had good reason to take such threats seriously, as the site was the scene of a deadly IRA bombing in 1984 which took the lives of five people, including the Conservative MP Sir Anthony Berry.

Luckily, the couple's wedding planner was able to relocate the wedding party to a room next door in the Hilton Metropole hotel. Gaby, who hails from North London, spoke about the traumatic incident:

"We'd been planning meticulously for 18 months and just when you think you've thought of everything that can possibly go wrong... At first we thought it was maybe just a joke or something which would be over in a couple of minutes."

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"The next thing we knew we had police saying it was a credible threat and even questioning us if we knew anyone who might have not wanted the wedding to go ahead.

"Because we're Jewish we also had to have the ceremony before sundown."

And speaking exclusively to VT, Gaby added:

"I don't think the hoax bomber really understood the impact he had on our day and realise just what interruption he would cause"

But as she continued to state, everything worked out for the best: "We are still trying to process the madness but despite everything, we had the most beautiful day. The atmosphere was electric and that was down to the love and support of our friends and family."

Credit: Gaby and Daniel Rosehill

Well, that was quite a day to remember. Fingers crossed, Gaby and Daniel will have a smoother time in Tenerife, where they are currently spending their honeymoon.

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