Chrissy Teigen asked parents to share the meanest things their kids have said to them

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to many of you, parents and childless alike, but kids are kind of jerks a lot of the time. Sometimes, they haven't learned the technique of polite speech just yet; other times, they don't realise what they're saying is hurtful or offensive or they straight up don't care.

When you're a parent and the child you lovingly, painstakingly raised turns round and insults you to your face, all you can do is wait till they're asleep before crying to yourself in the shower. Chrissy Teigen is just one mom going through the most testing of parenting ordeals at the moment, and she asked other parents online to share the meanest things their kids have ever said to them.

1. "Sweet bonding time"

2. Maybe he means "no" as in "no, don't stop"?

3. This kid is going to grow up to be either a comedian or a sociopath

4. Ouch

5. That little guy clearly does not like flying

6. Poet in the making

7. How did he learn that word so young?!

8. That's fightin' talk, little girl

9. Savage

10. "She looks me in the eyes"

11. That's right, no more mommies

12. Kids can be so mean...

Okay, parents. Wipe the tears from your eyes. Those are tears of joy, right? Considering how much you sacrifice for these little guys, I'd imagine some of their words sting a little bit, but always remember: there's a pretty good chance they actually love you on the inside. I promise.