Couple are offering invitations to anyone who will help sponsor their dream wedding

People go to extreme lengths to have their "dream wedding". Tens of thousands of pounds are spent on not only ensuring that friends and family are catered, to but on things that will only be used once, such as bespoke wedding dresses or novel flower arrangements.

Certainly, the "perfect" wedding never comes cheap, even for those who consider themselves to be rather thrifty when it comes to spending their hard-earned cash.

Whilst it's not unheard of for couples to get some financial assistance from their parents, it is rather unusual for the bride and groom to ask strangers for the funds. But that's exactly what Jason Mielke and Rebecca Winter Hansen from Saskatchewan in Canada did, after Jason lost his job in the oil and gas industry last January.

alt Credit: Jason Mielke and Rebecca Winter Hansen

Despite the financial hardship they are experiencing, the couple, who met in a library in 2015 (and describe the meeting as "love at first sight"), are not willing to push back their nuptials which they have scheduled for November 25.

They're also unwilling to elope or downsize on their special day. Instead they have found another solution: seeking corporate and private sponsorships to raise the funds for their "dream winter wedding". In return, donors will receive an invite to the wedding reception, and more importantly a chance to be "part of [Jason and Rebecca's] life story".

alt Credit: Jason Mielke and Rebecca Winter Hansen

Guests and donors have been asked to donate money to fulfil the couple's wish list, which includes the wedding dress, pre-spa services, the ring for the bride and groom, gluten-free wedding cake and the honeymoon.

Writing on their wedding website, Jason and Rebecca assert that marriage will be a new chapter in their lives, after undergoing both undergoing periods of intense hardship:

"On January 25th, 2013, Rebecca Michelle Hansen was almost killed by her past spouse due to a brutal and cruel attack. Her life changed forever. Her near death experience woke her up to a new light - a promising life and a miracle making awakening that lived outside, apart, and away from abuse. She awoke to her true value within and realized how precious life really was and is.

"I myself had come from a place of childhood physical abuse and neglect, a deep dark secret I had kept hidden for many years. Twenty years ago, I had left Regina Saskatchewan to get away from all my pain, but in one sudden moment, at the age of 41, all of that changed."

alt Credit: Jason Mielke and Rebecca Winter Hansen

There are some things, however, that the couple are not willing to compromise on. Jason has made it clear that he doesn't want things like Rebecca's wedding dress to be branded with company logos and the like. As he states, "I don't know if we're going to go that far [...] I have seen pictures from the United States where the bride has whatever logos on her dress ... we probably won't do that."

Well, this is certainly one of the more unconventional weddings that we've heard of, but the couple's motivations behind seeking the sponsorships are clearly grounded in love. As Rebecca asserts: "the power of giving always moves everyone towards greatness and making the impossible possible."