Girl posts 'studying' Instagram story and accidentally reveals a little too much information

Girl posts 'studying' Instagram story and accidentally reveals a little too much information

If you have studied at university, you will know just how boring sessions in the library can be. I will never forget my final year where, instead of seeing my housemates and enjoying being in my early 20's, I practically moved into the university library. I would be there from nine in the morning till nine at night. While I was convincing myself that these 12 hours shifts would work wonders when it came to my finals and my coursework, the reality is I only spent half the time studying.

The library is meant to be a place of study, but once you have spent so long in there that you are practically part of the furniture, it almost becomes a community centre. I used to spend hours perusing around each floor, desperately searching for people to talk to and things to do that will distract me from the impending doom that was dangerously looming over my head.

Of course, this tactic was a disaster in terms of my academic success and my stress levels. The final weeks of uni were a living hell, with me quickly realising that I had done no work during my hours in those dingy, drab, sepia-toned study rooms. The lengths that I ended up going to in order to keep myself awake throughout the night, included but were not limited to: taking Modafinil and Adderall, drinking copious amount of energy drinks and eating raw coffee beans out of a bowl (I really wish I was joking.)

Despite my desperate attempts to study, the reality is that I still spent most of my time on social media, telling my followers how I was '#BackOnMyGrind' and 'SO done with uni!!!' However, while social media became a release for me, it also has its pitfalls. And I don't just mean in terms of it being a distraction.

Due to the fact that the majority of young people live their lives through social media, it is increasingly easy for someone to reveal way more about themselves then they had intended to. Whether it's an accidental message to the wrong person, or in more severe cases, uploading an intimate photo that was actually meant for your partner and not your mom, there is plenty of scope for things to go quickly downhill.

Credit: Twitter (@lolamaeriley)

That certainly seemed to be the case for Twitter user Lolita (@lolamaerily), who accidentally revealed a little bit too much about herself on social media and it backfired spectacularly.

Taking to her Instagram story, Lola created a poll in which she asked her followers whether she should 'Stay up revise and fail' or 'Go to bed and fail.' Her followers voted in favour of the latter, but that wasn't the only interesting part of the story. While everything looks normal at first, look closer. Yep, there it is, there is tape covering the webcam of Lolita's laptop.

Sadly for her, one of her love interests picked up on the tape and wrecked her for it. Lola responded, hoping she would get a reply, but instead, she got the dreaded 'read' message. Taking to Twitter, the unfortunate Lola decided to share her heartbreaking tale, saying:

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However, luckily for Lola, she found solace on Twitter, with many people saying that they also cover the webcams.

It's hard not to feel sympathy for Lola. But if this person can't accept that we are all being watched by secret agents every second of the day and that she's doing her bit to protect herself, they're simply not worth it.