Girlfriend's amazing response to being asked to turn down a promotion by her boyfriend goes viral

Girlfriend's amazing response to being asked to turn down a promotion by her boyfriend goes viral

In every romantic relationship, it's pretty much inevitable that there's going to be a massive difference in opinion somewhere down the line. It doesn't matter whether you're totally in love or if your values are completely aligned, there's going to be a disagreement at one point in your conscious coupling.

Of course, I am of the opinion that without friction in a relationship, there is no fire, and certainly, there are some things worth arguing about with the one you love.

As a contentious issue and one of the leading causes of divorce, money discussions are definitely worth talking about, and if you're looking for a way to broach the subject with your partner, then you should probably not follow the example of this guy in an airport.

Twitter user @mzbat told us about an interaction in an airport that really shouldn't be happening in the 21st century, but this man was shown up by his girlfriend, who hit back in an awesome display of independence and self-worth. It all starts with a lady having scored a promotion.

As you can imagine, she was over the moon about it, but was swiftly brought back to Earth by her boyfriend - who told her to turn down that promotion. Not because it wouldn't be the right thing for his partner or because it would move her far away from him: no, because it would mean that she'd be earning more money than him, and as a result, he'd be "humiliated". That just wouldn't do, would it?

This enterprising young lady begrudgingly acquiesced to her partner's request, and unsurprisingly, began to cry. Whether it was because she was devastated at having to turn down the promotion or because it had just dawned on her that her boyfriend was an insecure, controlling man-baby, it's difficult to say, but tears are not where this story ends. Not by a long shot.

If I were this lady's boyfriend, I'd probably call it a day after manipulating my significant other into turning down the opportunity to better herself for my own narcissistic comfort, but instead, the man decided to reveal himself as a time traveller, journeying to our present from the 1960s. Or, y'know, a jerk.

He tells his crying lover that soon she'll be a full-time mom, and as a result, there's no point in all of that "career" and "making the best of yourself" nonsense. It is at this moment that unbeknownst to this jerk boyfriend, he's taken things too far, and the recently-promoted lady stops crying, and starts biting back.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'd love to emphatically stand up for myself and storm off amidst a smattering of applause, and that's just what happened to this gal as she takes the opportunity to walk away from this jerk and what would have been a very uncomfortable trip to Cancun, throwing her boarding pass at him as she goes.

From there, there was a flurry of "rage texting" from the boyfriend in this situation, who has now been humiliated at the airport, as you'll note with more than a hint of irony. But as far as we can tell, this altercation had a happy ending, and the Twitter user who captured it all tweeted a message to our new viral heroine:

It might seem obvious to say, but it's really, really easy to end up in a relationship that doesn't bring out the best in you. When you find yourself at the point of selling yourself short for the benefit of your partner, it's a surefire sign that things have to change. In the moment, it's always difficult, but I'm glad that this woman took the opportunity to leave this jerk. Wherever you are, Brave Airport Lady, you go, girl! There are definitely better things out there for you.