This grieving widow photoshopped her late husband into her maternity photo shoot

This grieving widow photoshopped her late husband into her maternity photo shoot

There are fewer things more tragic in life than a woman having a maternity photoshoot knowing all the while the father of that child won't be around for the birth. Sometimes, like in the case of military dads or deadbeat fathers who otherwise wouldn't give the baby the support it needed and deserves, that's a good thing. Other times, the joy of parenthood is made all the more bittersweet by unexpected loss.

After her husband was tragically taken from her due to gun violence, Naadirah Fate chose to remember her late partner in a series of touching maternity photos. Naadirah used the power of technology to immortalize her lost love in the photos leading up to her pregnancy.

1. Naadirah's husband Michael Lamar Cousette died due to gun violence at just 27 years old

2. But thanks to the marvel of video editing, he's right there with Naadirah as she experiences the baby shower and maternity shoot

3. Michael's image was edited into many of her images at the big event, and there was no way he was forgotten

4. The expecting mother looked absolutely stunning as the due date loomed closer...

5. And Michael was right there by her side

6. Whenever the bride felt a tinge of loss, her friends and family were there to support her...

7. And it was a joyous, if slightly sad, occasion for all

8. Nevertheless, Naadirah was sad to be without her husband for the birth of their child

9. And on the eve of her son's birth, she remembered her late husband

10. Her baby boy was born on February 14, 2018...

11. And while he'll never get to meet his father, Michael's memory will help to guide him in his life

When tragedy strikes, it's of course important to stay strong; not letting the past upset your future too much as you attempt to live life in the face of loss. But thanks to the gift of technology, the ones we lose can be nearly as close to us as they were in life, standing by our side as new joys introduce themselves.