Groom's reaction after meeting bride for first time at the altar is the stuff of nightmares

Groom's reaction after meeting bride for first time at the altar is the stuff of nightmares

Usually, a couple's decision to tie the knot comes after years of knowing one another, months of planning, and what must feel like a lifetime of anticipation. But it doesn't always go that way.

In a show called Married At First Sight, various couples are matched together based on their perceived compatibility by a panel of experts - and they only get to meet one another at the altar. From that point, they get married in an official ceremony, go on a honeymoon together, and spend several weeks living as a "real" married couple before deciding whether to stay wed or get divorced.

Sounds like a sort of terrible idea, right?

Well, as one man's reaction proved, it probably is.

Guys, take note of what NOT to do:

Sean D, a 39-year-old pub manager from Adelaide, showed a display of raw emotion when he laid eyes on his bride, Jo, for the first time. Unfortunately, it probably wasn't quite what she had hoped for.

As she was led down the aisle by a younger family member, Jo looked positively radiant in a traditional white dress and veil. Members of the congregation turned excitedly to see her for the first time: groomsmen grinned, bridesmaids beamed... and Sean cursed.

Yes, as he turned to see his (very) soon-to-be spouse, the groom uttered the oh-so-romantic phrase, "Oh s**t."

Nevertheless, the ceremony went on as planned, with Sean grimacing throughout the vows, while Jo went along with hers with as much enthusiasm and happiness as someone who had genuinely found their soulmate.

Later on, when asked how he felt about his new wife, Sean said: "Um, she's probably not what I imagined, no ... There's not like a massive spark straight away, but I'm sure she's feeling the same way."

married at first sight couple Credit: YouTube/Married At First Sight Australia

But Jo shouldn't necessarily take it personally.

According to Sean, he is still getting over his ex - whom he spent a decade with before splitting from two years ago.

"It was difficult breaking up," Sean said in an interview with The FIX. "It wasn’t like either of us did anything wrong. There was no cheating or anything like that. She became a fitness freak but was just crazy. We slowly drifted apart and that was it, we were done."

He went on:

"We had a five-acre property together, and she ran out of time for me and the animals. It was really hard because I had to take responsibility of the farm. I got all the animals. When we broke up, we had nine dogs, two alpacas, and two horses.

"It’s been really hard. I had to take up a lot more work, a lot of stress, as well as breaking up with the person who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with."

Sadly, Sean's negativity towards the marriage was not matched, and Jo actually seemed hopeful about a proper relationship with the pub manager.

"He's got kind eyes," she had said after seeing him for the first time. "He seems genuine. I fancy him. This could work. My expectations have been met and then some. To infinity and beyond."

Needless to say, however, Jo and Sean's impromptu marriage didn't last all that long; but - let's be honest, here - it was probably for the best.