Guy's hilariously extra reaction to his girlfriend's selfie is going viral for all the right reasons

Guy's hilariously extra reaction to his girlfriend's selfie is going viral for all the right reasons

Despite the fact that we've now had years to get used to it, there are still plenty of people out there who haven't quite got the hang of texting. I'm not just talking about slow texters or people who include typos all the time, but those who don't exactly have a grasp on the art of messaging.

Without the cues we get from body language and vocal quirks, it's often hard to judge the tone of what you're saying. Without the right emojis, your sarcastic joke can sound like a completely serious comment, or your sweet message can sound blunt and rude. Things only become more complicated when you're talking to someone you're attracted to. Whether it's a crush or a long-term partner, it can cause all kinds of problems if there's a miscommunication.

person texting with coffee Credit: Pexels

Frankly, I'm pretty terrible at this kind of thing, but there are some people out there who absolutely have it down. It's one thing being a supportive and loving partner, but sometimes little gestures like a sweet and original message can do wonders for your relationship. And as everyone on Twitter agreed, this boyfriend nailed it.

After receiving a selfie from his significant other, he needed to send an appropriate reply. Going the extra mile, he decided that a photo reaction was the only way to capture how good her picture was. His girlfriend then posted a screenshot of the conversation, along with the caption, "I send my boyfriend some selfies I just took while he's at work and this is his response".

The tweet went viral, and Alexia ended up receiving nearly a thousand comments, over 65,000 retweets and nearly 250,000 likes at the time of writing. Plenty of other users on the social media platform were sure to point out how amazing his response was, as well as how perfect their relationship looks like from the outside.

After all, this is exactly the response you want when you send out an immaculate selfie, though I'm sure Alexia wasn't expecting something so dramatic. As one user said, "Bro told a co worker to take a picture of him cause his girl looks good. King", while others simply agreed with his response to the dynamite photo.

Eventually, the original poster weighed back in, surprised by the amount of responses she received and quick to point out they are far from "couple goals".

Responding to this tweet, another user told her:

"Nahhh. Ive been w/my guy for 14yrs and married for 9, we’re best friends. Being sweet, funny, and staying in love is exactly how you do it. You’re a goal!"

I think it's fair to say that while Alexia doesn't think so, this kind of interaction is something all couples should be aiming for. Beyond that, you can find out the secret to staying together in a long term relationship.