Here's how one simple tweet ended in this couple getting engaged

Here's how one simple tweet ended in this couple getting engaged

It's an old line of thought that love will appear in the most unexpected place and, for the majority of people, it's something that rings true. For anyone that has been single, love tends to appear just as you are beginning to give up on the world of Bumble and Tinder. It also has a funny way of presenting itself; whether it's through an Instagram DM, or accidentally smashing heads on the metro, love is all around and shows itself when you stop looking for it.

However, with all that being said, you wouldn't really expect to find love on Twitter. If we're being honest here, Twitter is probably the weirdest place on the internet. Although it serves as a fabulous base to get unbiased, well-rounded news, it is also a black hole of memes, alt-right trolls and Donald Trump's ramblings. But, among all the doom and gloom that can present itself of the social media app, there are a few story's of love (or potential love) to come out of it.

Everyone remembers the case of tennis star Eugenie Bouchard and John Goehrke. Last year, the Canadian tennis player confidently tweeted that she 'knew' the Atlanta Falcons would win the Super Bowl and John asked if she'd go on a date with him if they lost. What followed was one of the greatest sporting upsets in the world and, being true to her word, Bouchard and Goehrke ended up going out on a date.

Eugenie told the Yes Network: "I'm in New York City for Sports Illustrated which came out this morning and I thought why not make the date happen sooner rather than later, there's a Nets game tonight.

"I think it would be a great date idea, probably a less awkward than a one-on-one dinner since I didn't know John."

While the two have been spotted together on numerous occasions since then (including at this year's Super Bowl), it's not believed that their relationship is romantic.

However, one relationship that has blossomed thanks to the world of Twitter, is the one between Ben Axelrod and Torey Stachowicz.

Three years ago, Torey sent out a Tweet that simply read, "I want to go on a date with @BenAxelrod."

To her surprise, the sportswriter responded, saying that he would be up for it if she was buying and if the place had chicken fingers on the menu. Despite never getting an update on how the date went, the pair clearly hit it off and they started dating.

Fast forward a few years and Ben appeared on Twitter to say: "I want to marry @toreydanae." Two minutes later, the writer uploaded a photo of himself down on one knee and Torey in tears.

The tweet has been liked and shared thousands of times, with people being quick to congratulate the couple on their engagement.

It's a pretty powerful testament to the world of social media, which may have a lot of problems, but does also help in uniting people from all over the world.

Congrats to Ben and Torey!