A man dropped his $3,000 engagement ring through a bridge while proposing

A man dropped his $3,000 engagement ring through a bridge while proposing

I can't imagine how I would feel dropping onto one knee, popping out that black velvet box, then feeling, wrenching in the base of my gut, the sensation of knowing that my $3,000 ring had just flung onto the wooden bridge planks. It was visible as a glint for just a moment - reaching out frantically - but its momentum carried it through the thin gap between the four by fours, vanishing below into the unreachable.

Seth Dixon sat on his knees, watching what had unfolded with both shock and awe. He had one job. His fiancee, Ruth Salas, seemed to take the ness better than he did. In situations like these, the men tend to panic, and the women understand that their relationship is more than a ring. Well, ideally anyway.

Here's the video, captured in all its glory by Staci Dabney, the wedding photographer who was supposed to witness the magic moment, and ended up recording viral glory instead.

“It’s absolutely real. I wish it wasn’t,” said Seth Dixon. The Missouri couple certainly did not expect that their engagement would entail going viral for the grandest of all grand fails.

Should Seth have immediately ripped off his shirt and dove like Aquaman into the waters below, swimming through the dark currents like Harry Potter searching for the submerged Sword of Gryffindor? Perhaps the perfect man would, and would emerge from the depths with the shining ring cloistered in his teeth, a regular Smeagol with the one ring recovered from the watery world of real-life Mordor.

But Seth Dixon is just an ordinary man, like the rest of us. “We freaked out,” said his fiancee. “It ping-ponged from one plank to another. You could hear a little plop.”

The video earned over 115,000 views in three days. The wedding, for those interested, is still on - October 21st. No cancellations here, rain, sleet or shine. A GoFundMe even opened and closed successfully, raising funds to replace the lost ring. But the real spectacle came later in the week, when a massive crowd took to the waters to help the new Dixon family wed with the ring they intended.

“We probably had 25 people there," said Staci Dabney, the wedding photographer who was there for the big moment and all that followed. "I think we had like 12 people in the water all at once.”

I have to hand it to Dabney - this photo is legitimately incredible. An amazing panorama straight out of the pages of a modern renaissance - okay, not that good, but it's as close as you can get out of our boring modern lives.

Seth and Ruth will still marry unperturbed, though losing $3,000 in water is a pretty crappy situation. Let's hope they have decent jobs, right? Or ring insurance, if such a thing exists. I would not be surprised. Would people try to scam a ring insurance company? Maybe it'd work out, be a good payday.

Well, at least this couple now knows the essential taste of momentary fame. That would never have come of ordinary circumstances.