Mom goes on savage rant on her 16-year-old daughter's Snapchat after finding a boy in her room at 2:30am

Mom goes on savage rant on her 16-year-old daughter's Snapchat after finding a boy in her room at 2:30am

Teenagers always get in epic fights with their parents. Maybe they disapproved of your hairstyle ("Turqouise mullets are in!"), or maybe they caught you coming home too late ("It's only 4AM!), or maybe they washed your clothes and found beer bottle caps in your pockets ("I, uh, was just collecting them! To recycle!). It's an awkward time, because you think you're an adult and they think you're still a kid.

When teenagers date someone the parents don't like, that leads to the biggest arguments. And when it's recorded on video, the best entertainment! One mother discovered a boy sneaking into her daughter's bedroom at 2:30am, which would make any parent upset. But to matters worse, the daughter is 16 and the 'boy' is 20. Furious, the mothers opened up her daughter's Snapchat and went on an absolutely savage rant.

"Hey, everybody who's on Emma's new Snap, and covering for her!" she says. "Guess what? At 2:30 this morning, I found Bailey in her f*cking closet!" You're in trouble now, Emma!

The mom warns Emma's friends to "back the f*ck off," or she'll contact their parents and report the "shit that y'all are doing." "My kid's not going down," she declares. "She's not going to be found dead in a ditch. She's not going to be on f*cken drugs like half of y'all are. I'm f*cken over it... I'm over your little badasses trying to be f*cken adults when you're only 16 f*cken years old. And Bailey? Just wait. Just wait." You better get new locks on your doors Bailey. This woman is not playing around.

As the video continues, the mothers vents her rage over the age difference. "The 20-year-old who's f*cking my kid. She's 16, you sick motherf*cker!" she says. "That's a felony charge. A felony charge you're fixing to keep." Having scared the crap out of Bailey, she moves on to Emma's friend, Savannah. "Savannah, it's my understanding that you got Emma to buy some weed... And you also got drunk enough that you lost your phone in the toilet at Skyler's birthday party. That's the truth. Guess what? Your mom's finding out today. You better call her right now." (Geez, Savannah, get your shit together!)

Twitter user @antoniajoy_ shared the rants, writing "y’all my friend got caught sneaking into his girls house and his gf’s mom posted this on her snap story." The tweet went viral, with the video racking up over four million views. In the comments, many pointed people the mother's anger was justified, considering the age difference. As adults, a four year difference is nothing, but a 20-year-old dating a 16-year-old? Yeesh.

One person appeared to find the mother's social media profile, where she lists all of her loved ones, and assigns them emojis. Emma's emoji is a facepalm, which is pretty hilarious.

Twitter user @DIfromthe713 claimed to have contacted the mom, and couldn't believe she responded. In a screenshot of their chat, the mother gives an update on Emma: "She's doing well. She has consequences to face, but she has realized she is worth so much more." (But no word on if Savannah got her phone out of the toilet.)

Now that the mother is a viral sensation, maybe she get her own TV show. As Twitter user @debbieannsimon put it, "i’ve binged watched every episode of To Catch a Predator, and i’d pay GOOD money to see this mom jump out and confront the predators instead of Chris Hansen."