New poll reveals the sexiest and least sexy accents

New poll reveals the sexiest and least sexy accents

The world of dating can be a very difficult and brutal place. As anyone who has been single can testify; there are a lot of things about you that people won't like. Things such as your choice of sneakers, your hairstyle and your political opinions can all influence the way you are viewed in the dating world. However, while these things are all aspects of your identity that you can control, others aren't.

It would be safe to say that in the world of dating, first impressions are everything. And, off of the back of this fact, your accent and the way that you talk are essential. For me, I can't handle the idea of dating anyone who sounds remotely like a farmer. I don't know what it is about that accent, but I genuinely believe that it is the least attractive thing in the entire world.

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But while I may not be a fan of a farmer accent, it turns out that I, alongside a host of other people, absolutely love an Irish accent. According to a new survey in dating preferences in the UK, the Southern Irish accent is the most popular choice of dialect. Following in second was Nothern Irish, with Queen's English and Yorkshire accents following swiftly behind.

However, it's bad news for all the Liverpudlians out there. While your city may have given birth to The Beatles, it turns out that no one likes the way you talk, with the scouse accent sitting firmly at the bottom of the table. Alongside the scousers, the Cockney, Glaswegian and Geordie accents all struggled to gain votes.

Dr Erin Carrie, a linguistics lecturer says that there are two ways in which we judge an outfit.

"The first is how prestigious it appears to be - how educated and how much social status it hints at. The second is how socially appealing we find it - how warm, honest and trustworthy it is.

"For many people looking for partners, they are seeking all the above qualities, and, very often, we associate the Irish accent with many of them. So, when surveys like this are taken it always does very well.

"Conversely, urban accents like Liverpool and Birmingham have historically been downgraded and associated with a lack of education and even criminality, which might explain why they score less highly."

The poll also looked at other facets of someone's personality that may be deemed attractive/unattractive. 70 percent of men aren't fans of bad teeth and 63 percent of women don't like a short man. Also, in terms of your Tinder game, gym selfies, drunk photos and photos with no face showing were are likely to receive the dreaded left swipe.

According to Paul Hunt, managing director of the V2, the company who carried out the research, "It seems that the British public are quite choosy about who they go out with."

Yes, we bloody are, Paul. Basically, if you're an overweight scouser who is short and has bad teeth, good luck.